Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Duo caught dumping old tires in Sodus

When Sodus farmer Tim Peters spotted what was happening, he called police and began following the two men responsible. Area rural residents have become all too familiar with piles of discarded used tires appearing in a flash.

On Friday (7/29) at 12:08 p.m., two men were observed dumping a truck load of tires on some land on Middle Road in Sodus. The two men then returned to the Williamson Auto Service Center on Ridge Road in Williamson, loaded up again and took the tires this time to an abandoned church on Pratt Road in Sodus. Once there, they were observed unloading their cargo of used tires and throwing them inside the abandoned building.

This time, police were on hand and took Jackie Gay, age 36, of 13 Belden Avenue in Sodus and Ricky L. Jackson, age 44, of 4 Spring Street in Sodus into custody. Both men were charged with Unlawfully Dumping Solid waste.

When Sodus Supervisor Steve LeRoy was informed of the crime, he stated that he would ask the presiding town justices to envoke the tough Sodus anti-littering law that allows for a fine of up to $1,000 upon conviction.

Leroy has a reason to be mad. The Partt Road property was cleaned up by the Town last year and about 1500 old tires were removed. The bill for the clean-up was put on the property taxes and the Town was eventually reimbursed by the County. According to LeRoy, the property is owned by an absentee owner from out of state.

LeRoy went one step further. He called several people at the DEC in Avon and wanted to know what punishment could be handed out to the source of the tires. “It is only fair that they (Williamson Auto Service) be held as responsible as those two men,” said the Sodus Supervisor.

Williamson Auto Service is owned by Eugene Shove. A call to the business was made and an employee said he would pass the message along to Shove, but the Times has yet to receive a call back.

According to several businesses dealing in used tires, they are required to keep records of tire disposal and ensure that the disposal of used tires is made to permitted haulers.

Both Gay and Jackson will appear in Sodus Court on August 17.