Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Driver goes through stop sign and guardrail, ends up in Mill Pond

State Police responded to a report of a vehicle that went in to Mill Pond in the Village of Red Creek on Sunday (4/20) at about 7:30 p.m.

A vehicle operated by Alexander Verburg, age 21, of County Line Road in Red Creek apparently lost control at Canada and South Street, crashed through a street sign and guardrail and ended up in the pond. One large piece of guard rail was thrown into the waterand was left standing upright after the car hit the street sign,guard rail and went into the fence into the water. The vehicle ended up close to the north side of the shore a distance away from the entry point.

Two witnesses, one man filling up on gas at the nearby Pit Stop convenience store and another passerby immediately jumped in and were able to break the window of the vehicle and open the door. The Good Samaritans were Chad Acomb and Zachary Ingelston were later identified by police.

Both Red Creek and Fairhaven Fire and rescue personnel responded to aid in the rescue.

It was believed Verburg suffered some sort of seizure from a medical condition. The accident is still under investigation.