Monday, January 16th, 2017

Deyo flings her hat back in the ring for Marion Supervisor

She was a force in Marion politics for 12 years, before she stepped back to get her family life back.

Beginning in 1990, Monica Deyo served on the Marion Town Board as a Councilwoman, and two years later ran for and won the Town Supervisor positions.

Monica was elected every two years after that for four terms (Jan. 1992-Dec. 2001), before stepping down to spend time with her husband Arnie, and their children.

“I had kids in high school and college and I was missing that important time with them. I was tired, and wanted some time for me as well,” Monica declared. She spent time offering child care and helped with her grandchildren.

“I have found over time, with the children older and away from home, that I am missing politics,” said Deyo.

She has stayed informed on town topics, has served on the County Planning Board for several years, and stays connected with Town politics through covering board meetings, for the Times of Wayne County, in Ontario and Williamson.

“I really miss it all. Covering board meetings has really made me want to be in the mix again. I considered recently that I might run for a Town Board seat in Marion, but heard through several people that Jody (Bender) might not run again for Supervisor.”

Monica arranged a meeting with Jody several weeks ago, prior to the upcoming Republican Caucus in Marion. She learned that, indeed, Jody was at the point that Monica had been in 12 years ago. She (Bender) was ready to retire and spend quality time with her family.

Asked if she if overwhelmed with changes she sees in Town and County politics, Monica did not back down. I am not overwhelmed, but I do know that there are now many more mandates, and costs have not shrunk. I would take a hard look at the budget. When I was in office before, we were not paying into the Retirement System, investments took care of that. Now the town pays tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in town contributions.

Having been a teacher’s assistant and substitute teacher in the Marion School district for many years, Deyo admits she has come to know many of the families in town, and knows the needs of the community well.

Monica, who grew up in Newark, and graduated from Newark High School, has lived in Marion with her husband Arnie for 43 years. She says that her husband is “100%, whole heartedly” behind her decision to run.

“He is very busy with his work at the American Legion and with his golf. He is away a lot, and I have time to give,” she admits.

At age 69, Monica is preparing to come back to Marion with projects in mind. She sees many new water projects coming up to be completed, and an upgrade to the Waste Water plant is direly needed. “We have a small sewer district, and we have waited too long to upgrade the plant,” she noted.

“I want to see business growth continue. I am excited about several new businesses in town and hear of a few others considering Marion.”

Monica would come back to some familiar faces. Highway Superintendent Tim Boerman served with Monica on the Town Board years ago. Gary Lau (Code Enforcement Officer) is still on the job, as is Cindy Ikewood, the Town’s Account Clerk. Monica says that she has known Town Clerk Debbie Smith personally for a long time. “I would be thrilled to come back to these wonderful town officials. I also am anxious to get reacquainted with the County government and the new blended committees.”

Deyo stated that she is getting great feedback from the townspeople she has talked with, and is looking forward to Tuesday’s Republican Caucus and hopefully to serving again at the helm of her Town.