Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Dante Taylor indicted on First Degree Murder

He arrived in a striped jumpsuit, shackled, surrounded by State Troopers and professing his innocence.
Dante Taylor appeared before Wayne County Court Judge Daniel Barrett on Wednesday, July 24, following his Grand Jury indictments of the Murder in the first degree, Arson and Burglary.

It was alleged that, in the afternoon of July 14, 2013, Taylor intentionally took the lives of two women in Sodus, Terri L. Moulton and Stacey L. Moulton. The mother and daughter were stabbed to death after they apparently caught Taylor committing a burglary in the home of a friend, whose animals they were caring for while he was away.
The two counts of Murder in the First degree, were followed by two counts of Murder in the First Degree with intent to cause the death of an additional person, and causing those deaths; two counts of Burglary in the First degree, one count of Arson in the Second degree and one count of Burglary in the third degree.

The murder, arson and burglary charges refer to the break-in, burglary and deaths at 4783 Route 14 in Sodus. The Burglary in the third degree charge stems from another alleged break in and larceny which occurred approximately a week earlier at 7953 Champlin Road in Sodus, in the same neighborhood.

“Within a week, down the same road, about a half mile from the murder scene, he stole some tools and other things. We are alleging he was out there within the week, committing burglaries, so I suppose he went back into that area,” stated Wayne County District Attorney, Rick Healy.

Taylor had his attorney, Monroe County Public defender James Kernan enter a plea of Not Guilty, which will cause the alleged perpetrator of these heinous crimes to go before a jury.

Taylor was to be charged by State Police on the Wayne County charges on Wednesday, and held without bail in the Monroe County Jail on charges of Parole Violation, then returned to Wayne County Jail to await his trial here. On August 22nd at 9:30, Taylor will be back in court with his attorney for the purpose of filing motions.

The details from grand jury testimony came from police, and sadly from Charles Moulton, the husband of Terri and father of Stacey, who, worrying about their being gone so long, went to the residence to find them. It was there that he found their bodies, lying nearly on top of each other, stabbed to death.

D.A. Attorney, Rick Healy noted that, from the medical evidence, “the wounds on the bodies were so severe that they probably weren’t able to fight back.” He suspects they died instantly. “It was heart wrenching to listen to him (Charles Moulton) attempt to even talk about it,” Healy admitted.

Police suspect that the Moulton women entered the residence to fulfill their promise to their friend, and interrupted the burglary in progress. Instead of fleeing the scene, it appears that Dante Taylor chose to grab a knife from the dining room of the home and stab both women to death. He then started multiple fires in the home, and on their bodies, in an attempt to cover up the crimes. Taylor, at age 33, currently lives on Gardinier Avenue in Rochester, and is unemployed. He is known to have family in the Sodus area, and lived there for a while.

The case against Taylor is a good one. “There is DNA, he was found with stolen items from the two residences in Sodus, which he is alleged to have burglarized. The knife used to kill the women was left behind. There were witnesses to him and his vehicle being in the area of the crimes,” said Healy.

Taylor has been in and out of prison since age 17, always unemployed and seeking easy money. He has pled guilty and served time for first degree robbery and attempted robbery. In one incident, a victim was shot in the neck during the attack. Taylor was released in 2012 with a five year post-release supervision. In prison, Taylor was cited for many serious disciplinary actions, and was three times denied parole. He was only released after time served. Healy estimates that a trial may come within 6 to 9 months on the murder and burglary charges in Wayne County.