Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Cracker Box Palace feeling the strain of caring for animals from abuse cases

It is simple mathematics combined with nature. If 35 rabbits are seized from a residence in a Wayne County animal abuse case, the chances are very good that a number of them are pregnant. Pretty soon one rabbit turns into a nightmare for Cracker Box Palace, Wayne County’s Farm Animal Haven.

Located on 600 acres off 6450 Shaker Road in Alton (Sodus), Cracker Box Palace was founded in 2000 as a unique place where farm animals of every kind come to recover from illness, neglect, or abuse.

Some of the animal residents arrive due to family deaths, or because their owners can no longer give them the care they need. Horses, cows, ducks, geese, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and the occasional llama find peace and a loving nature in this no-kill animal haven.

The recent arrival of rabbits were being bred for local pet stores under such deplorable conditions that Cracker Box Farm Manager Cheri Roloson said “This was the very definition of a bunny mill”. They multiplied faster than we could put them in crates,” added spokesperson Mary Novick.

Rabbits were not the only breeding surprise at Cracker Box Palace. Last Spring a pot belly pig arrived at the Farm and soon the sow was the proud mother of ten little piglets.

On Friday, October 25th, the staff from Cracker Box Palace assisted Wayne County authorities with the removal of nearly 100 animals. These animals had been the focus of a county investigation which resulted in the owner surrendering the animals to Cracker Box. The animals: 3 horses, 42 bunnies (some pregnant), 35 chickens, 12 ducks, 2 geese and 1 pig have received veterinary care along with proper housing and food. They are in addition to another surrender in Wayne County that occurred on July 3rd which consisted or 31 chickens, 2 geese, 1 turkey, 10 ducks, 10 goats, and 6 sheep.

At the “tail” end of the recent seizures, Cracker Box Palace had a total of 312 animals on the property. They do not conduct any cruelty investigations. They support the county when removal of the animals has been determined as the best course of action.

Cracker Box provides for all of the surrendered animals’ needs until a 30 day quarantine period is over. At that time animals, that are in good health, will be available for adoption or foster care.

Additionally, Cracker Box provides educational programs and tours for the community, camp programs for school children and nature trails for hiking and horseback riding.

Cracker Box Palace is a registered 501(c)3 not-fo-profit no-kill farm haven looking to the community for any assistance in the form of donations and volunteers to help with the increase of animals that need assistance.

If you are interested in learning more or providing assistance please call the Cracker Box office at 315-483-2493 and leave a message.