Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Autumn on the Erie 2012 plans are now underway

Members of the “Autumn on the Erie” Committee have conducted their first meeting of the year.

The committee is very busy organizing events and promotions for the Wayne County municipalities along the canal.

Their Objectives are to bring visitors into Wayne County to see the canal communities and the resources they offer, i.e. Museums, Businesses, Organizations.

They want people in the community and guests to the County to learn more about the fascinating history of this area.

The committee would like to see each business witness more foot traffic and every non-profit gain new membership. They would also like to encourage each of these elements of the community to communicate and work together in order to improve and protect the quality of life of these communities.

The dates for this project begin on September 1 and end on October 31. During this time, the committee is asking each community to select a project that will highlight the community. Businesses could use this project to promote themselves with special sales and “Erie Canal” promotions.

There is no extra cost for this program. Each business or organization decides what they want to spend or offer. The more each community works together, the more each business and resident and non-profit will receive.
Some ideas for your community might be very ambitious—Canal Days in Palmyra requires a great deal of planning. Some might be on a smaller scale—just a poster in a window. Last year the free drawing was very successful and will be repeated.

Each municipality may also receive donations from local businesses to build and raffle of their own basket.
Participate and help yourselves by promoting your businesses, your organizations and your community. Please let the committee know what you are doing so that they might publish your activity and help to promote it. More representation from businesses and municipalities would be great. For more information, email

Committee members include: Bonnie Hays, Historic Palmyra; Joan Delaro, Western Erie Canal Alliance; Marcia Marsille, Village Bookmarket, Palmyra; John Cieslinski, Books, ETC., Macedon; Jerry Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program; Mark Peake, Village of Newark; Marcy Frey, Village of Macedon