Monday, January 16th, 2017

Attempted Robbery in Macedon leads to pursuit and arrest of Fairport Man

Macedon Police were dispatched on Tuesday (6/18) to Flaherty’s Restaurant on Route 31 for an attempted Robbery. Witnesses state that a suspect was demanding a cellphone and purse from two women who were walking up the sidewalk of the restaurant.
Two other women were coming out of the restaurant when they noticed what was going on and could tell something was wrong. One of the women turned to go back into the restaurant to ask for help and the suspect grabbed at the woman in an attempt to stop her. Upon initial dispatch, Macedon Police were informed of a suspect vehicle leaving eastbound on Route 31 and the vehicle was possibly a silver Impala.

While police were responding, 911 was advised that the subject dropped his wallet which contained his New York State Photo ID. 911 was able to come up with the correct vehicle to match. Police were then informed that the vehicle was a 2005 gray Scion TC 2-door vehicle.

Macedon Police responded to the scene to speak with the victim and witnesses, at which time the owner at Flaherty’s handed police the suspect’s wallet which he apparently dropped. At that point patrol observed the suspect’s vehicle, pulling back into the parking lot of Flaherty’s. Patrol approached the vehicle at a distance, with side arms drawn, ordering the suspect to turn his vehicle off and show his hands.

Patrol began to step back towards patrol unit for cover, due to suspect not complying with commands. Once police took steps back towards patrol unit the suspect revved his engine and placed his vehicle in gear, stalling his car. He then started his car again, spun his tires and drove recklessly through the parking lot back towards State Route 31. Police pursued the vehicle westbound. and finally discontinued the pursuit due to the recklessness and speed of the suspect. Speeds reached about 100 miles per hour. Police stopped to check the wallet and positively identified the operator of the vehicle as the suspect they had seen, from his photo ID card. He was identified as Michael G. Mahoney, age 26 of Fairport.

When they returned to speak with the victim and witnesses, Macedon police were advised that Monroe County had a report of a silver vehicle involved in a crash on Route 490. Patrol returned to the Macedon Police Department with where photos and a deposition were secured. Patrol also had the Macedon Town Ambulance check the victim’s laceration to her right arm; she signed off on any treatment.

Macedon police were then advised that the suspect had been taken into custody and taken to Strong Memorial Hospital. Patrol was advised by Monroe County that the suspect would be held for arraignment. Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies reported that Mahoney led them on a high-speed chase, crashed his car and assaulted three college employees.

He has been was drinking at Flaherty’s in Macedon Tuesday night when the he was told to leave, after staff felt he had too much to drink.

Mahoney crashed his car on Route 490 near St. John Fisher College, after Monroe County Deputies called off their pursuit. He then allegedly attempted to steal a car from the St. John Fisher campus parking lot.

The car owner, an employee at the college fought back, and two of her co-workers came to her assistance. As one on them went to his car and brought out a bat, Mahoney grabbed it and used on the victims. Two of them were taken to the hospital and one needed surgery on his hand. Sheriff’s K-9s were able to locate Mahoney a short time later.

He was arrested after resisting arrest. Mahoney was arrested and charged at the hospital with two counts of Assault in the second degree in Monroe County, and also faces charges in Wayne County relating to the assault and attempted robbery. Mahoney has two prior convictions – one was an Assault charge in 2008 where he bit a New York State trooper. He is being held in the Monroe County Jail on $100,000 cash bail.