Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Art Group Demo features Acrylic Painting

In this demo, Corrigan worked on an acrylic painting of dancing girls – a picture that she took herself. She usually carries a digital camera with her at all times in the event she is inspired by something she sees, and wants to capture it for a future painting Once ready to work on her painting, she does a pencil drawing of the subject onto the canvas, and then sprays it with fixative before she starts to use the paint.

Corrigan uses “Artists’ Acrylic” Paints by Winsor & Newton. She spends a lot of time mixing her paint for the exact colors she desires. So that it doesn’t dry out, she covers her palette with “press and seal” when not using it. Sometimes Corrigan mixes the paint with her brush instead of the palette knife, but cautions that you have to be careful not to get it up into the ferrule of the brush as it will eventually ruin it.

Some of Corrigan’s paintings include different mediums, such as heavy carvable molding paste, glass beads texture gel, iridescent, gloss, slow drying, just to name a few (all Winsor & Newton products). She spends about 40 hours on each painting, in part because she applies many layers.

Tips from Corrigan for other painters:

You should look at your reference more than your painting.

Stand – don’t sit – at your easel. Standing allows you to back away from your painting and better see any mistakes.

Spray a painting with a fine mist while working on it to keep the paint moist or can add a retarder to the paint so it will dry slower. Retarders generally does not affect the color of the paint.
Sometimes gloss or matte mediums added to the paint will change the transparencies.
Varnish the final painting to protect it from the elements.

WWAG typically meets from 7-9 pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the Walworth Town Hall (off Route 441) in Walworth, and guests are always welcome. . The April meeting is canceled in lieu of the WWAG’s 39th Art Show and Sale: Wednesday (April 25) 6 – 8 PM. Thursday (April 26) 9 AM to 8 PM, Friday (April 27) 9 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday (April 28) 10 AM to 2 PM.