Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Arcadia receives proposal to reopen Rt. 88 landfill

The Town Board of the Town of Arcadia received a proposal at its meeting on May 8 from local developer Arcadia Hills LLC to purchase approximately 161 Acres of Town land for the purpose of developing a new solid waste management facility in the Town. The property includes the closed Town of Arcadia landfill but is otherwise largely undeveloped.

The proposal includes purchase of the land of its full appraised value of $1.18 million and would relieve and indemnify the Town from the obligation to maintain and monitor the closed municipal. Arcadia Hills has also committed to providing a variety of host community benefits including the payment of fees estimated at more than $25,000,000 over the projected 17 year life of the new facility.

According to Arcadia Supervisor Dick Colacino, benefits would be received by the Town of Arcadia, Village of Newark, an educational scholarship fund for the school district and annual monies for the Fairville, Marbletown and Newark Volunteer Fire Departments.

Arcadia Hills would also provide drop-off collection of recyclables one day per week for all town residents. Arcadia Hills also projects it will provide at least twenty new jobs at its facility and will provide additional payments through property taxes. The property currently is not on the tax rolls. Arcadia Hills is not requesting any tax relief or monetary incentives from the Town, or Wayne County.

The Town of Arcadia Board has scheduled a public information meeting for June 5 at 7:00PM at the Newark Senior High School auditorium, located at 625 Peirson Avenue in Newark for a detailed presentation.

The Route 88 landfill closed 15 years ago. It could take a number of years for all permits and DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) approvals. If the new owners are approved and take possession of the land, major engineering studies would have to be done. Another roadblock could be the neighbors and residents nearby the current closed landfill. “This is for the people to decide. We will let the people decide,” said Colacino.

If the landfill is reopened, it would have to meet the all the new standards of landfill linings and regulations, according to a spokesperson at the DEC. The DEC, according to a spokesperson, has not received any paperwork of the proposal, although a representative from the Town of Arcadia had contacted the agency about the possibility of a landfill on the site.

Another concern would be the competition already serving the area. Seneca Meadows, the Ontario County and High Acres Landfills in Perinton/Macedon already serve the area. Garbage is imported from throughout the state with local concerns about truck traffic patterns and road wear.

The Western Finger Lakes Solid Waste Authority had occupied a section of the closed landfill for a recycling processing and transfer facility until last year when the County changed the law and eventually stopped funding the Authority.

According to Colacino, the President of Arcadia Hills LLC is a Monroe County resident by the name of Joseph Alloco.