Absentee Ballot Results

Absentee Ballot Results

In Lyons, the absentee ballots were dead even. 22 Ballots for VanSteen and 22 ballots for Cinelli. Since VanSteen was ahead by 4 on Election day, he is the unofficial winner. Mayor begins term on First Monday in December.

In Palmyra there were 29 YES ballots for Prop. 7 and 19 NO votes. Prop. 7 Passes (Supervisor Term now 4 years instead of 2).

In Walworth, Judy Markowski has won the Town Board seat. Total absentee ballots were 35 for Plant and 43 for Markowski. With her original 7 vote lead, Markowski won by 15 votes.

In Arcadia, Joe DeSanto was ahead by 26 votes. On Absentee counts, DeSanto gained 61 more votes to VanLaeken’s 67. DeSanto wins the seat.

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