Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

County and residents still impacted by Storm

Following Monday’s storm, over 1,000 residents in Wayne County are still without power.

Entire sections of the Town of Savanna and far eastern sections have been told it may be days, or longer before power is restored there.

An extremely large tree at 6877 Lake road in Sodus, missed the home of Alice House and Mark Nash, but unluckily it crushed Mark’s vehicle. A tree service was on hand to try to drag the tree out into the woods surrounding the house. The car was totalled.

Forecasts of 20 foot high waves along the shoreline of lake Ontario never materialized as did the 60-70 miles per hour wind gusts. The areas of shoreline in Williamson and Sodus did not escape scar less however as large trees were uprooted causing more nuisance than damage in most cases.

One large tree did strike a home at 4311 Lake Road in Pultneyville. A car was crushed by a large, falling tree just off 6877 Lake Road in Sodus. At B. Foreman Park in Williamson several large trees were knocked over causing “Several days of work” for County Park workers.

One of the saving graces for shoreline homeowners was not only the lower than anticipated winds and waves, but the fact that the Lake level is a foot or more below normal.

Several Wayne County Roads were closed for a short time when trees, limbs and power lines blocked roadways. At the intersection of Lake Road and Lakeside Road in Pultenyville, a large tree dropped, but was pushed aside until County Highway crews were able to remove the old tree on Tuesday morning.

Most homeowners found the disabling of Time Warner cable services and odd limbs in yards the biggest headache the storm created. Cell phone services were still somewhat ad odds late Tuesday.

The (EOC) Emergency Operations Center that was activated in anticipation of the harsh winds and possible flooding was closed earlier than anticipated on Monday night when both rains and winds petered out.