Williamson Town Board Tues., Jan. 28 , 2014

  •  Kevin Schulte; with “Sustainable Energy Developments” [SED] updated the Board regarding the solar project to be installed at the previous landfill site located on Pound Road. To date, the actual work to be done on the project is not active due to the weather. He stated they have been working with the DEC on the design phase for permits and approvals. Engineering options for the size and placement of the inverters is being decided. Gravel will be spread on the complete fenced in area of project location for stability and maintenance. All the appropriate paperwork for permits with the Town is being finalized. The “Notice to Proceed” will be issued from the DEC after all the approvals are done, which is expected to be completed in March.  Mr. Schulte explained the project should take approximately three (3) months to complete with a workforce of 10 – 15 employees.  The final agreement between SED and the Town is at the Town Attorney’s which is now being finalized.  The fencing around the project will be financed by SED.

    The board went into enter Executive Session to discuss an acquisition for purchasing property at 7:20 PM. and returned to Open Session at 7:24 PM.

    The Regular Meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Williamson was held  following the Worksession at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, January 28, 2014;

    Resolution was passed to entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (the PPA), pursuant to which Distributed Sun LLC has agreed to engineer, construct and install the System and sell  the Town of Williamson, Energy Output therefrom, and The Town of Williamson is the owner of the site located at 6742  Pound Road, Williamson, NY, and Distributed Sun LLC desires to lease a portion of the Premises located at 6742 Pound Road and other space needed for the System from the Town of Williamson in order to install and operate the System in furtherance of Distributed Sun LLC obligations under the PPA and Lessor is willing to grant such lease to Distributed Sun LLC, and a lease agreement has been drawn up for both parties to enter into outlining the obligations of both parties regarding the installation and operation of the solar power project. The Board authorized the Supervisor to sign the lease agreement.

    This resolution is subject to permissive referendum as permitted by law.

    The town board also:  authorized the Town Supervisor to sign an agreement with Dawn VanPatten, Sole Assessor for, 2014; signed an intermunicipal agreement with the Town of Sodus to outline each municipalities responsibilities for the shared services of Dawn VanPatten, Sole Assessor.

    –  reappointed Don Hoffman as an alternate to the Planning Board.  His term of office will be from 1/13/14 – 1/12/2019.

    Councilman Orbaker informed the Board, a potential work proposal between the Town of Williamson and the Wayne Soil & Water Conservation District (District) was presented from Lindsey M. Gerstenslager, District Manager to the Town of Williamson Watershed Mgt. Council and the Town Council.  The District proposed a plan of work for a stream assessment of Salmon Creek West, Mink Creek and Jack Creek to include a three phase plan of implementation for preventative maintenance to the Town of Williamson in relation to water quality and drainage maintenance over the course of five years. The assessment of the three main stream channels and their direct tributaries will follow the regulations of the NYS DEC and will coincides with the purpose and intent of the Drainage District.  The estimated cost of assessment will be $10,720.00. The board will spend up to $15,000.00 which will be funded by the Drainage District for a Stream Assessment of the three main streams, Salmon Creek, Mink Creek and Jack Creek, and their direct tributaries, in the Town of Williamson.  The assessment will be performed by Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District.



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