Williamson Town Board – Oct 8, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Jim Hoffman; all Board members were present. The first order of business was to hold a Public Hearing regarding the proposed Local Law #3, 2013, amending Chapter 68 – Building Code Administration Section 5 – Personnel. The passage of this law would allow the Town’s Building Inspector to not necessarily be a Williamson resident as long as the person is a resident of Wayne County. There were no comments from the public regarding this proposal, and at a later time during the meeting the law was adopted.

Kevin Schulte of Sustainable Energy Developments submitted a proposal regarding the plans for a solar system of 1.498 MW on the Williamson Landfill property. SED will be the engineering, procurement, and construction contractor for DSun, which will design, permit, build, own and operate this solar system. The Town of Williamson will commit to buying 100% of the output of the solar project to offset electricity purchases from RG&E, and will have the right to purchase the project at the IRS defined Fair Market Value in either year 6, 10, 20, or 25. If the Town does purchase it, it would have full ownership responsibilities, including operation & maintenance and control of the 25-year system warranty. If it is owned by Williamson, the Town could sell power to other government entities, such as the school district and BOCES. SED maintains an offer to train the BOCES students to help maintain the system. Williamson will never pay more for power than the current utility rates, and is likely to save in excess of $1,000,000 if it does not purchase the system. Following this presentation, the Board later rescinded the motion to authorize the Supervisor to sign the Solar Energy Power Purchase Agreement with DSun Project Company, pending the approval of Bernard P. Donegan, Financial Advisors, and Town Attorney Art Williams. Supervisor Hoffman wants to check with the advisors to make sure the Town can sell the electricity and to whom. Councilman Tom Watson thinks this should go on the record for future planning. Councilman Mike Bixby is ok with the proposal if it is approved by the attorney and financial advisor. Councilman Tony Verno wants to make sure the Town can sell to any RG&E customers and the contract protects the residents. There will be a work session to further discuss this topic on Thursday, October 10th, at 3:00 in the Town Hall.
– Consent Agenda – The Board accepted the monthly reports from the Supervisor, the Town Clerk, the Highway Dept., the Water Treatment Facility, the Water Dept., the Wastewater Treatment Facility, and the Town Park. In addition, Library bills were approved to be paid in the amount of $2243.10, and budgetary transfers within funds were approved.

– Finance – Supervisor Hoffman moved to make several amendments to the 2014 Preliminary Budget; all amendments were a reduction in the line items except for an increase in the revenues from the County Sales Tax distribution, from $400,000 to $412,000. The Town Clerk was authorized to advertise the week of October 6th to hold a Public Hearing on October 22nd at 7:30 p.m. for the proposed Local Law #4 regarding the tax levy cap, which has been reduced by NYS from 2% to 1.66%. It was noted that the Town doesn’t anticipate exceeding that percentage, but by passing this law, it will protect the Town if the state finds that the Town erroneously figured or made a mathmatical mistake which would result in a fine. The final Finance resolution authorized the Town Supervisor to sign any and all papers regarding the sale of the gravel pit on Centenary Road, pending approval by the Town Attorney. A winning offer of $80,100.00 was accepted with additional fees of $6,007.50 to be paid to the Town.

– Public Safety – Councilman Tony Verno moved to authorize the Town Clerk to submit the proper forms to the WC Highway Department to request the DOT to perform a study regarding placing stop signs at the intersection of Woods and Tuckahoe. There is currently a stop sign on Woods Road and a request for stop signs on Tuckahoe Road has been received.

– Public Services – Councilman Gary Orbaker presented a motion to authorize the Supervisor to sign a snow removal agreement with the Williamson Central School District for snow removal from the sidewalk between the four corners of Williamson to the High School. The cost per trip will be $70.00; the Town will remove the snow and the school district is to pay one half of that cost ($35.00). Next, authorization was given for 2 personnel to attend a NYS DEC-endorsed 4-hour Erosion and Sediment training class to be held at the Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District facilities in Rochester on 10/31/13. The cost of $100.00 per person will be the Town’s expense. Councilman Orbaker moved to permit the potential buyer of the Williamson gravel pit property to enter onto the site to mow and have trees on the property evaluated for future logging before the sale is complete. A discussion was held regarding the status of the reservoir painting project. It is now being drained and the pressure washers started on 10/8. It should be finished in 1 to 1 1/2 months, and there is a back-up plan for water supply if something happens to go wrong, according to Cal Hood. The Board also discussed the Hamilton Street Extension; resident Ray Walvoord would like to have the extension paved. The Board will wait for the return of the Town Attorney to make a decision. Lastly, the County Attorney has received the data for the sale of the Williamson-owned property which will be the site of the County’s tower location; the Supervisor will check on his progress. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05. The next business meeting will be held on 10/22/13 at 7:30, preceeded by a workshop at 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by Monica Deyo

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