Williamson Town Board Nov. 26, 2013

The meeting opened at 7:30 with all Board members present. Supervisor Jim Hoffman first presented a plaque of commendation to John Noto in recognition of his new business in Williamson, Appletown Farm Market, located at 4734 Route 104. Mr. Noto stated that his operation is seasonal and he will be closed during the winter months. This year was a successful one for his business, and he hopes to open earlier next year so he can offer gardening supplies and landscaping materials. An addition to the building is being contemplated in the future.
– Facilities – Councilman Mike Bixby moved to authorize the Supervisor to sign a service agreement with Postler & Jaeckle Corp. for maintenance to the Aerco boiler system; the cost for this service is $856.00, which is the same as last year. Mr.Bixby’s next motion was to appoint Cindy Brand to a 6-year term as the Sole Assessor for the Town, commencing on 12/2/13 and ending on 9/30/13. The rate of pay will be $35,387 (pro-rated for the remainder of 2013), and she will be expected to work from 18 – 20 hrs./wk. Ms. Brand’s previous experience in the field includes 7 1/2 years as the Town of Horseheads’ Assessor. Councilman Tom Watson was a member of the selection committee and stated that he is excited to have her on board.
– Finance – Supervisor Hoffman moved to authorize the Town Supervisor to sign an agreement with Raymond F. Wager to assist the account clerk in preparation of the AUD, as per agreement, not to exceed $1350.00. It was noted that last year’s fee was $285.00.
– Parks & Recreation – Councilman Bixby moved to authorize the Supervisor to sign an agreement with the Williamson Recreation Committee to provide recreational programs for children & adults in the Town as per agreement.
– Personnel – Councilman Bixby moved to authorize up to 5 Town employees to attend the Association of Towns’ Annual Meeting in New York City on 2/16/14 – 2/19/14
The board approved Sue Brennessel and Valarie Fowler to attend the PowerPoint Computer class at FLCC WC Campus Center in Newark .
– Public Services – Councilman Gary Orbaker presented a resolution that permitted the Town to waive the required $100.00 fee for a building permit relating to the construction project agreement with Distributed Sun Project Company for a solar energy facility to be located on Pound Road in Williamson. The waiver is appropriate since the Town is the entity having the facility constructed. Mr. Orbaker next presented a resolution in which the Town will approve of the vertical adjustment to their sanitary manholes as well as maintaining or cause to be maintained the adjusted facilities. This is in relation to the 500 linear feet of construction or reconstruction of Sidewalk Improvements in the Town. The New York State Dept. of Transportation will provide this reconstruction as shown on the contract plans. The Supervisor was given the authority to sign any and all documentation that may become necessary as a result of this project.
Councilman Tony Verno presented a resolution concerning change order #1 in the amount of $19,001.12 for Contract A from Wind-Sun Construction, Inc. for additional work for the Screw Press project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This includes a credit to the original contract for the deletion of DIP for sludge pump piping, valves from sludge bed piping to the sludge tank, and additional work for the above grade exterior DIP, valves insulation, etc., as well as a fee to Tank Connection for structural loading analysis of the aspirating mixing pump. The next resolution involved Change Order #1 for Contract B, from Connors-Haas, Inc., for additional electrical work needed for the Screw Press project at the WWTP. This Change Order includes ventilation louvre power & controls, air compressor power supply, radiant heater draft fan and igniter power supply, as well as 8 additional changes, totalling $20,965.06.
The town will receive applications for a part-time laborer for the Highway Department. Applications will be accepted until 12/19/13 at 4:00p.m.; this position will be on an as-needed basis for snow plowing and the rate of pay will be $10.56 per hour.
The Board then adopted a resolution concerning the Environmental Conservation Law which authorizes State assistance to municipalities for water quality improvement projects by means of a contract which the Municipality deems to be in the public interest and benefit to enter into it. Supervisor Hoffman was authorized to act as the Town’s representative to make application, execute the State Assistance Contract, and submit Project documentation in which the Municipality agrees that it will fund its portion of the cost of the project and that funds will be available to initiate the Project’s field work within 12 months of written approval of its application by the DEC. This concerns the grant for a salt storage shed for the Highway Dept. in the amount of $400,000.00, of which the Town will be responsible for a 25% match; the grant will be awarded 3 – 6 months after the application is submitted. This is an EPA Grant/Water Quality Improvement project, and the Town will be permitted to provide in-kind services as part of its match.
The next meeting of the Town Board will be on 12/9/13 at 7:30, preceeded by a workshop at 7:00. Submitted by Monica Deyo

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