Williamson School District Oct. 23, 2013

The October 23, 2013 meeting of the Williamson Central School District Board of Education began with a meeting of the Audit Committee. The Board reviewed the report from the Internal Claims Auditor and the 2012-2013 Financial Audit Report and Management Letter prepared by Raymond F. Wager, CPA, P.C. The regular meeting of the board was opened with the pledge and a moment of silence.

Student Representative Joseph Allman reported sectional games are underway and Masterminds had their first match event. Doug Lauf introduced Courtney Hill a member of the Varsity Soccer team. She presented highlights from JV/Varsity soccer team participation in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk held at Frontier Field on October 20. Both teams set out to raise $300 in three days and ended up with a total raised of over $871. She reported it was an inspirational event with over 10,000 walkers in attendance with over $800,000 raised.

Under Reports from District Administrators, Wendy Havens commented on the professional development day held on October 15. She reported that each administrator facilitated a work session and that individuals felt good about the work that was accomplished. Wanda Miller highlighted Thomas Schulte and how he has filled an important role to a particular student. Ellen Saxby reported that the Williamson Rotary is presenting dictionaries to the third grade students and highlighted Jody Schmeelk and Michelle Kuhl for their hard work on Big Pumpkin Day. Both are wonderful events that the students look forward to each year. John Fulmer highlighted Della Ludwig and Cathie Abdunnasir for their efforts to coordinate and prepare students for the Famous Women distance learning event.

The 7th and 8th grade students were part of an interactive symposium and the only school to participate via distance learning. He reported that the school is celebrating Red Ribbon Week highlighting drug and alcohol awareness.

Superintendent Macaluso thanked Wendy Havens, administrators, teachers, coaches and staff for their work on the staff development day. He reported that work is currently underway to review the building use regulations in order to better support the district’s policy. The small changes will result in a more cost effective, fair and equitable process ensuring the safety and security of our schools and of the participants. The goal is to maintain availability without placing a financial hardship on any community organizations. The superintendent also reported that Advocacy for Equity is starting to ramp up. A rally is scheduled for Wednesday, November 20 at Canandaigua Academy from 7-9 p.m. A similar event held in Geneseo in March 2013 was very successful. The district is encouraging community members to attend to support our school district. Superintendent Macaluso recognized the board for their dedication to the staff and students of the district in advance of School Board Appreciation Week.

Board Committee Reports included an update on the PTSA and District Safety Committee Meetings. Wanda Miller presented the District Plan for Special Education for the 2012-2013 school year. The plan included an overview of the types of services that are available to the students, a budget summary and a representation of students who participate in the special programs. She commented that the district will review the necessity of functional skills class next year since the number of students is decreasing. illiamson Central

The board approved several CSE cases. Gary Barno presented the Treasurer’s Reports for July and August 2013.

With the approval of the Consent Agenda, several teacher substitutes, volunteers and a student intern were approved along with the following:

• Resignation of Laura Ladd, full-time food service worker, effective 10/23/13

• Resignation of Jeff VanHoover, extra-curricular appointment ski club

• Winter 2013 Coaching appointments:

Jeff VanHoover JV Indoor Track

Jim Newby JV Wrestling

Ed Schaffer Junior High Wrestling

Doug Garrod JV Boys Basketball

Paul DiSanto JV Girls Basketball

Scott Kingsbury Junior High Boys Basketball

Dan Schoonerman Junior High Girls Basketball

Cindy Lewis JV/Modified Cheerleading

• Martha Buddendeck, as a long-term substitute for Kristen Collins, Guidance Counselor, High School

• A unpaid leave of absence for Tammy McIntosh, full-time, salaried monitor for February 24-28, 2014

• Emily Dailey, as a long-term substitute for Lindsey Reimer, .6 Psychologist, Middle School

• Change in appointment for Kelly Buirch from probationary full-time student aide to permanent full-time student aide

• Change in appointment for Carla Williams from probationary full-time student aide to permanent full-time student aide

• Change in appointment for Wanda Stevenson from probationary part-time bus monitor to permanent parttime bus monitor

Under New Business, the Board approved the following items:

• Contract with the Town of Williamson for Salting and Sanding the Sidewalk to the High School for the 2013-2014 School Year

• Contract with the Town of Williamson for Snow Plowing of the Sidewalk to the High School for the 2013-2014 School Year

• Awarded the snow plow contract for the 2013-2014 school year to All-County Construction

• Instructor fees for the Adult Education 2013 Fall Semester

• The Williamson Central School District Basic Financial Statements for the Year Ending June 30, 2013 as prepared by Raymond F. Wager, CPA, P.C.

• The Williamson Central School District Communicating Internal Control Related Matters Identified in the Audit Report (Management Letter) as prepared by Raymond F. Wager, CPA, P.C.

Also under New Business, the board approved several items as they relate to the capital project. The board authorized the Superintendent of Schools to approve change orders up to $25,000 for the Capital Project and approved the bid awards as follows:

• General Construction Work Contract #101 to Iversen Construction Corporation in the amount of $251,000

• Mechanical Work Contract #102 to Michael Ferrauilo Plumbing & Heating, Inc. in the amount of $223,000

• Plumbing Work Contract #103 to Unified Mechanical Contractors, Inc. in the amount of $67,000

• Electrical Work Contract #104 to M. E. Quinlan, Inc. in the amount of $184,700


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