Williamson School Board – Jan. 8, 2014

Williamson School Board January 8, 2014


The January 8, 2014 meeting of the Williamson Central School District Board of Education opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. Under Announcements, Board President Michael Collins announced that Angela DeFisher was absent from the meeting due to illness. Superintendent Gregory Macaluso announced that Doug Lauf was also absent due to illness.

Under Reports to the Board, Student Representative Paula Aguilera reported that the Student Council, French Club and Spanish Club presented the residents of Blossom View Nursing Home with gifts and sang several holiday songs prior to the winter break. She also reported that students are looking forward to the winter pep rally and the spring talent show. Under Reports from District Administrators, Karen Hoody reported that the Elementary School is preparing for mid-year assessments and a new 6:1:1 class that will return to the district in February. Ellen Saxby reported that she has had the opportunity to visit the K-2 classrooms that are implementing new skills modules. She commented that it has been a seamless transition and the students are very engaged. She highlighted Christi Byron who did a wonderful job coordinating the Elementary School play along with the preparations for the holiday concert. She commented that Mrs. Byron has a love of music that shines throughout the building. John Fulmer reported the Middle School is also preparing for mid-year assessments. He highlighted Rich Rozzi, Jeremy Stringer and Meaghan Piccaretto for coordinating the shoe box donation to the Open Door Mission. The students gathered and placed donations of personal care items into shoe boxes. Over 200 shoe boxes were donated which surpassed the 2012 donation of 150 boxes. He also highlighted Diane Luke and Jessica Shaver for their work on the Fuel Up to Play 60. This is a program founded by the National Dairy Council and the NFL that empowers students to take charge in making small, everyday changes at school. There are approximately 60 students participating. Tom Schulte commented on the amazing talent that the high school students demonstrated in the production of A Christmas Carol and the holiday concert. He highlighted Nancy Shay and Adair Eodice for their work in coordinating student and staff schedules to ensure that student support is always in place. Wanda Miller highlighted her recent observation of Katelyn Catlin and her well-planned lesson for a 2nd grade class. Gary Barno reported that while it was a quiet time in the district with the students on break, there was a great deal of work done as part of the capital project. Superintendent Macaluso commented that the plays and holiday concerts did a wonderful job of showcasing the musical talent in the district. He reported that the town supervisors agreed to table the proposal to pull back the sales tax from school districts. He expressed his appreciation to the town supervisors for their willingness to listen to the school districts about their concerns.

Board Committee Reports included updates on various meetings including, PTSA, Williamson Recreation Committee, Policy Committee, Curriculum Council and reviews of plays and the holiday concerts.

The Middle School highlight shined on the 15:1:1 and 8:1:1 special education classrooms. Julie Hillegeer and Rachel Liberatore, along with two students and a parent, spoke about the changes in their classrooms this year which include co-teaching in math, students mainstreamed into specials and at least one core class. The teachers spoke of creating a classroom environment that is supportive which allows the students to grow. They reported that the students are benefitting

from the structure, routine and friendships which is reflected in their academic progress. The board recognized the teachers and support staff for their dedication and commitment to the students.

The Board reviewed the Fall Sports Report, the Treasurer’s Report and approved several CSE cases. Under the Consent Agenda, several substitutes, volunteers and tutors were approved along with the following appointments:

• Mark Griffin as a Long Term Substitute for Bridget Byers, Science Teacher, High School

• Rebeccah Klejment, Elementary School, temporary Building Substitute

• Ayn-Marie Talmadge as a Long Term Substitute for Jean McBride, Food Service Helper, High School

• Amy Vandergrift, .5 Administrative Intern, Dean of Students, High School

• Martha Buddendeck as a Long Term Substitute for Kristen Collins, Guidance Counselor, High School

• Extra-curricular appointment of Michele Fisler, ELA Curriculum Coordinator, High School for the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year

• Extra-curricular appointment of Kanina Palmer, Assistant Director, High School Musical

• Extra-curricular appointment of Christy Hout, Assistant Director, High School Musical

• Extra-curricular appointment of Rachel McSlone, Scenery Advisor, Elementary School Musical

• Change of appointment for Theresa Byron, from Probationary Full-time Cleaner to Permanent Full-time Cleaner

Unpaid leave of absences were approved for Tracy Heinrich, Jean McBride, Kristen Collins and Nancy Barton. The board accepted with regret the resignation of Thomas Schulte, Assistant Principal, High School effective February 23, 2014. Mr. Schulte will be the principal of the newly formed Western New York Tech Academy in the Byron-Bergen school district.

Under New Business the Board approved the Policies in the 3000 Series and 4000 Series (No Significant Changes) and a resolution for Abolishment of Position and Reduction in Work Force for the position of Director of Buildings and Grounds from a 1.0 position to a .80 position effective January 1, 2014 due to efficiency and economy. The board approved the award for alternate electrical panels at the Elementary School to ME Quinlan as part of the capital project.


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