Williamson Central School Wed. , March 19, 2014

The March 19, 2014 meeting of the Williamson Central School District Board of Education was opened by President Michael Collins with the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence. School Business Administrator Gary Barno reviewed the budget development process to date. The district is waiting on the final state budget with the hopes that additional funding will be provided to the district. Both the NYS Senate and Assembly have presented their budget proposals which reflect additional aid to education. At this time, the two houses are in final budget negotiations with the governor’s office. Mr. Barno presented the two propositions that will be presented to voters for approval. The first proposition is the actual approval of the budget with a special request to voters to approve the use of funds from the Liability Reserve. The request to approve the additional funds is necessary since the district must now use specific reserve funds to balance the budget. The second proposition is to approve the purchase of two busses. The buses will be financed through state aid and the District Bus Reserve fund at no increase to taxes. The next budget presentation will be at the April 2 board

meeting. The budget presentation can be viewed on the district webpage Under reports from District Administrators, Wendy Havens reviewed the Elementary Academic Achievement report and highlighted Kelly Colling and her implementation of a 4th grade ELA module. Mrs. Colling did a wonderful job with the

students that were working on a text based writing skill. Amy Vandergrift was absent due to illness, but Doug Lauf shared her report. Miss Vandergrift wanted to highlight Rachel Liberatore’s class and her work with students to increase their communication skills. She also highlighted the high school teachers who continue to seek more professional development. Doug Lauf highlighted two students that won awards at the recent 33rd Annual Wayne County High School Art Show. Tori Mason received an honorable mention award for her work and Ari Palmer received 1st place, 2nd place and honorable mention for her work. There were a total of 11 students that participated in the show. Mr. Lauf expressed his appreciation to the Board of Education for their support during his 11 years in the district. He also thanked the administrative team, faculty, staff, and community for their commitment to the education of students. He expressed his appreciation to the students for making his time in the district memorable. John Fulmer commented on a recent music therapy session in Lori Happ’s class that was engaging and informative. He highlighted the ELA team for their recent work to evaluate the pacing that is required for the new modules and the best way to implement the lessons into the grade level class schedule. Mr. Fulmer thanked Mr. Lauf for all that he has given to all the students in the district. Ellen Saxby reported that the reading teachers are doing a wonderful job coordinating programs for students that are in need of extra help based on data that appeared in the Academic Achievement report. She commented that Mr. Lauf will be missed by all. Gary Barno commented that Mr. Lauf will be missed and wished him success in his new district. Superintendent Macaluso reported that advocacy efforts are continuing around the region to increase state aid. He expressed his appreciation to Michael Collins for speaking at a local press conference held in Canandaigua. He highlighted a math lesson he observed in Stacey Newmyer’s 3rd grade class. He commented that the students were focused on the task at hand and were fully engaged for the 60 minute lesson. He acknowledged Mr. Lauf for all that he has done and remarked that he is leaving the district in great shape. He updated the board on the principal search. He reported that there are two finalists from a healthy pool of candidates. The finalists will be in the district for a full day of interviews on March 25 and March 26.

Board Committee Reports included a report on the recent PTSA meeting. Caroline Jackson reported that the nominations for officers for PTSA for the 2014-15 school year are open. John Fulmer reported that while the Learning Fair is a smaller event than in the past, the energy and spirit of the event remains high.  The board approved several CSE Case Summaries and accepted the resignation of Kathleen Case, Reading Teacher, Middle School, and approved the appointment of several teacher and classified substitutes.



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