Walworth Town Board, Thurs., Feb. 6, 2014

Mr. Day Way, Library Board of Trustee, President, inquired as to when the Library would receive the 2014 budgeted amount from the Town. The Town Comptroller indicated within the next two weeks.  COMMITTEE REPORTS:

Council members reported on their respective committees with the following Town Board actions:

Rob Burns, Sewer Superintendent requested and received approval for John Pagliuso to attend the following training seminars:

• 2014 AWMA-NYWEA seminar (Air & Waste Management Association – New York Water Environment Association), February 12, 2014 at the RIT Inn and Conference Center. Fee is $65.00

• Confined Space Awareness for Wastewater and Water, February 26, 2014 at the Civil Defense Training Facility, Bath NY. Fee is $40.00.

The total for these 2 training seminars is $105.00 to be expended from budget line SS8110.41. Continuing education credits will be applied.

Notice from Linda Bretsch, Receiver of Taxes, stating she is appointing Ms. Louise Weller as Deputy Receiver of Taxes for 2014.

Beth Hart is authorized to attend and prepay registration to Business Skills Training, on February 13, 2014 in Rochester, NY for $149.00

The Town Safety Committee first met on January 25, 2012 and continues to meet to discuss areas of concern, general information, immediate needs, incident reports, presentations (Sherriff’s Office/ NYS Troopers ), review required safety inspections (NYMIR, harness inspections, fire extinguishers, safety equipment, hearing test, playground equipment, large equipment inspection) and a tour of the Town Departments/Complex.

The committee is represented by the following departments:  Highway, Sewer, Parks & Recreation, Building Maintenance and Building Inspector, Town Supervisor, Town Clerk and Committee Chair/Council member.

The following are the recommendations that the Safety Committee has identified, discussed and is recommending the Town Board review for action: (1)  Building Department – 2/3 step safety ladder for the Building Department vault, (2) Employee Identification Cards for those who are in the field needing to identify themselves as Town Employees. (Assessor, Clerk to Assessor, Building Inspector/Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement Officer, Town Clerk, Parks & Recreation Director, Assistant Parks & Recreation Director, Building Maintenance/Parks Assistant), (3) Fire Drill, (4) Required Safety Training, (5) Town Complex parking lot lighting. Discussion ensued.

The board authorized 2014 Budget Modification from A1990.41 Contingent Account to A1620.23 Equipment Safety for an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars and no cents ($1,000.00). The board authorized the purchase of Safety Ladder for the Building Department vault, for an amount not to exceed $266.99 from A1620.23, and that “field” employees be authorized to contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and have their Identification Cards produced at a cost of $5.00 each billable to the Town.

Attendance and lodging was authorized  for Jacqueline VanLare for the Farm Market Mangers Conference February 27, 2014 from Noon – 5 PM and February 28, 2014, from 8 AM – 4:30 PM at Binghamton, NY for an amount not to exceed $99.00. Also Attendance, registration, lodging and mileage reimbursement were authorized to Jacqueline VanLare for the 74TH New York State Recreation and Parks Society Conference on March 23rd – 25th, 2014 in Saratoga, NY for an amount not to exceed $797.68 from A7310.44. Town Education & Training Request Form submitted.

The board authorized budget monies from the 2014 Town Budget for the replacement of the Highway Department’s existing 1988 Ford 4610 Tractor and Alamo mowers as budgeted in line DA 5130.22 and Lakeland Equipment is the lowest responsible bidder for a 2013 John Deere 5100 M Tractor with Diamond Heavy Duty Mowers Model #’s DSF075-C and DRF 090-OF and it was resolved that the Town of Walworth shall place an order for one new and unused 2013 John Deere 5100 M 4 Wheel Drive Tractor with Diamond Heavy Duty Mowers Model #’s DSF075-C and DRF090-OF Mowers for a total cost of $82,829.29 F.O.B. Walworth Town Highway Department, Walworth, New York; and Town Highway Superintendent shall execute the necessary paperwork and take such other steps as necessary to complete the purchase of the tractor and mowers, the subject of this resolution.

RESOLUTION FOR SEQR FOR WALWORTH PLAZA SEWER DISTRICT: Certain owners of taxable real property situate in the proposed Walworth Plaza Sewer District in the Town of Walworth have petitioned the Town Board to establish a sewer district pursuant to the provisions of Article 12 of the Town Law to serve a limited number of residents and properties located on the south side of Walworth-Penfield Road (County Road 205) in said Town, said improvement district to be known and designated as the Walworth Plaza Sewer District; and the maximum amount proposed to be expended for the establishment of the proposed sewer district is the sum of Five Thousand ($5,000) Dollars, which sum shall be reimbursed to the Town of Walworth by Walworth Plaza LLC, a successor in title to Walworth Development, LLC, upon the adoption by the Town Board of a Final Order establishing said Walworth Plaza Sewer District; and  Town Board has reviewed the Map, Plan and Report prepared and submitted by the Marathon Engineering, together with the initial Boundary Map and other submissions related thereto; and they determined that the Project constitutes a Type II Action pursuant to Part 617 of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and the Regulations applicable thereto and, as such, does not require an environmental impact statement or any other determination or procedure under SEQRA.

The Town Board of the Town of Walworth,  accepts the Map, Plan and Report, and related documents submitted by the Marathon Engineering and  determines that the Project constitutes a Type II action pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), and that the Project will not have a significant effect on the environment.  The Town Clerk will maintain for public inspection a file containing a copy of this Resolution, all submissions to date and all further communications or correspondence which the Town may receive concerning this matter.  The Resolution was thereupon declared duly adopted.

A public hearing was set for the Creation of the Walworth Plaza Sewer District for February 20th at 8 pm.

Malcolm Riggs, MD was appointed at Health Officer for the Town of Walworth, term to expire 12/31/16.

Books of the Town Justices and Receiver or Taxes & Assessments, Chief Fiscal Office/Town Comptroller and Sewer Clerk/Sewer Superintendent  were reviewed and audited by the board

The board also accepted and filed the  2013 Town Clerk Annual Report.



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