Walworth Town Board Thurs., Feb. 20, 2014

A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Supervisor Marini at 7:30 PM in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room. Meeting minutes from the February 6th meeting were approved, as presented, as was the January, 2014 Supervisor’s Report. No public comments were offered. Correspondence was reported received from Ms. Pat LaMarche, notifying the town that Walworth residents who are members of Boy Scout Troop #167, Mr. Andy York, Mr. George Sprague, and Mr. Zachary LaMarche, completed their Eagle Scout projects and will be receiving their Eagle Scout rankings on Sunday, March 2nd. Supervisor Marini explained that the town has prepared Certificates of Appreciation for the scouts, which will be presented by members of the board at their ceremony.

A second letter was received from the Fire Safety Marshall regarding a library event which had a large attendance and created a public safety issue as the maximum occupancy was exceeded within the Town Complex, and also created parking issues in turn. Further, Supervisor Marini remarked that she will present a letter to the Library Board of Trustees that the town board recommends the library begin requesting registration for events.

Marini remarked that during the 2013 audit, it was determined that mandatory employee training was beginning to fall behind. In response, she explained that the board was creating a training timeline in which the town will have better ability to track training hours, in an effort to avoid the same issue in the future. Ms. Marini also noted that while the Town Hall is now able to accept credit card payments from residents for business transactions within the town complex, the sewer department is not yet accepting credit card payments.

Councilwoman Judy Markowski reported that town’s Assessor will not be doing a town-wide assessment this year and plans to conduct one instead in 2015.

A public hearing that was scheduled to be held at 7:45 PM regarding the establishment of SEQRA for Local Law #1 of the year 2014, regarding Zoning Law, in Chapter 180 was postponed. Councilman Ruth reported that, on the advice of counsel, the matter was to be postponed in order for counsel to review.

The 7:50 a public hearing that was that was scheduled to be held for proposed Local Law #1 of the year 2014 regarding Zoning Law in Chapter #180 was postponed on advice of town counsel in order for counsel to review.

At 7:55 a public hearing that was scheduled regarding the proposed amendments to the official town map was also postponed on the advice of counsel for counsel to further review the matter. The board made a motion to accept and file a letter from the Wayne County Planning Board containing their comments and recommendations for the proposed zoning changes.

At 8:00 a public hearing was called to order regarding the creation of the “Walworth Plaza Sewer District”. No public comments were offered and the hearing was then closed at 8:04 PM. Town Counsel noted that it is within the public’s interest to establish this sewer and will benefit all town taxpayers.

Approved business also included: Adoption of Findings regarding the Walworth Plaza Sewer District, Final Order for creating the new Walworth Plaza Sewer District, —  4 Fireworks Permit granted for the Walworth Lions Club Festival in the Park, – Reimbursement for Town Clerk to attend the NYSTCA Conference on April 27th – 30th, in Saratoga Springs, Authorization for Pre-registration for Rob Burns & John Pagliuso to attend the NYS Rural Water Association on February 27th, –  Approval for Silver Monitoring Services with Integrated Systems in the amount of $2,495.00, – Authorization of a Budget Transfer for Employee Training in the amount of $1,000.00, Authorization for the Town Supervisor to sign the letter indicating that Boylan Code will represent the Town of Walworth & WCWSA’s interests in the amended and restated lease agreement,  Authorization to expense to Empire Safety & Consulting, Inc. for Employee Safety Training on March 31, 2014 in the amount of $800.00,  Authorization for the Town Supervisor/Chief Fiscal Officer to sign the documents for the NYS Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund Grant,  Authorization to advertise for a seasonal full time position in the Parks Department, with a start date of March 24, 2014 through October, 2014.

It was noted that a special meeting of the board will be held on Thursday, Match 6th at 5:30 PM in the Town Hall for the intent to meet in Executive Session for a collective bargaining matter. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Thursday, March 6th, at 7:30 in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room.      by Becky Block


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