Walworth Town Board Thurs., April 3, 2014

A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Supervisor Marini at 7:30 PM in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room. Meeting minutes from the March 20th. Under Committee Reports, Supervisor Marini reported on town complex and staff security concerns. First she noted that she has been made aware of plantings around the generator as a security concern for employees entering and exiting the building, therefore she asked for input from the town engineer and town board as to what can be planted instead, which will provide the necessary shade for the generator. Additionally she reported a bomb threat protocol is being prepared for the event of an emergency. Lastly, Supervisor Marini explained that she is seeking options for security cameras which will also be accessible for the library staff, as a safety precaution for employees leaving the building at night. In other business Supervisor Marini reported to the board that the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant has been transferred to Exelon Nuclear. She also shared that on April 19th , beginning at 7:30 AM, there will be a live fire burn training exercise on Boynton Road by the Walworth Fire Department.

Councilwoman Judy Markowski reported that the Library Board has received a $2,000.00 scholarship for Ms. Beth List, Assistant Librarian of the Walworth-Seely Public Library, to attend the annual Library Conference.

Councilwoman Hawkins-Mance reported that the Personnel Committee will be meeting, and also that the Ethics Training has been confirmed to be held on April 21st at 5:30 PM, and is open to all town employees and members of town boards.

Councilman Pembroke questioned the progress of the new Tops Supermarket and Sports Complex in town. It was reported that the Tops Market is undergoing sanitary easement revisions and construction is slated to begin within the next week or two. The Sports Complex is still on hold. He also questioned the status of the joint sewer project with the Town of Marion, and it was reported that the paperwork is currently being reviewed by the Town Engineer.

Approved business included:

–  Authorization for the Town Supervisor to sign the Proposal from General Code for Imaging, Indexing, and Microfilm of Historical Town Books in an amount not to exceed a total of $3,859.10.

– Authorization to request proposals for lawn mowing & trimming for cemeteries.

– Approval to designate Alternates to the Wayne County Cablevision Council; The board named Supervisor Marini and Deputy Supervisor Hawkins-Mance

–  Authorization for the Town Clerk to hire a part-time employee with a start date of April 7, 2014

– Authorization for the Parks & Recreation Department to purchase Mar-Co-Clay from Lakeside Sod – in an amount not to exceed $3,600.00

– Public Hearing set for Local Law No. 1 – 2014; Amending the Official Zoning Map of the Town on May 15, 2014 at 7:45 PM.

–  Authorization to refer Local Law No. 1 of 2014 to the Wayne County Planning Board and SEQRA

– Authorization for the Town Comptroller to transfer from: A7550.41 Celebrations Festival in the Park to: A7110.45 Contractual Farmers Market – $500 for Special Kids Program.

– Authorization for the Town Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor to sign as the new authorized signatures on the “Certificate of Investment Powers” for RBC Wealth Management for the Lincoln Fire Protection District Service Award Program & West Walworth Fire Protection District Service Award Program (LOSAP) investments.

– Authorization for Boy Scout Troop #113, to use Ginegaw Park for an annual New Scout Camp-out on April 26th – 27th, 2014.

– Authorization for the Highway Department to hold a shut-down week from June 30, 2014 through July 4, 2014, with employees utilizing vacation time, or working for the Sewer Department should they not wish to take the week off.

– Authorization to purchase 3 additional desktop computers for the town hall, in an amount not to exceed $2,247.00,  and purchase a laptop for the Parks & Recreation Director in the amount of $824.00

– Authorization for reimbursement of Supervisor Marini’s conference registration ($180.00), and Councilwoman Markowski’s and Supervisor Marini’s gas and mileage reimbursement ($250.00) in a total amount of $430.00

No other business came before the board and the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Thursday, April 17th, at 7:30 PM in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room.  By Becky Block


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