Walworth Town Board – Oct 3, 2013

A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Supervisor Plant at 7:00 PM in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room. Meeting minutes from the September 19th meeting were approved, as presented. No public comments were offered.

Under Committee Reports, Councilwoman Marini reported that the Personnel Committee will meet this upcoming week regarding health care and also holiday pay for employees. Additionally Councilwoman Marini made a motion for the attendance record of the Planning & Zoning Board Training to be moved into public record, and this was approved by the board.

Councilman Ruth thanked the Highway and Recreation Departments for allowing use of their equipment to work on the Lusk Cemetery in town, and also thanked Work Force NY for the 108 manhours provided, which saved the town approximately $2,260.00. He noted that additional work is still needed in the cemetery in order to complete the clean-up and restoration process. Additionally Mr. Ruth reported that the County of Wayne will hold its last free rabies clinic of 2013, which be held on Saturday, October 12th from 10:00 AM- Noon at 12681 Red Creek Road in the Town of Wolcott. Anyone wishing to have their pets receive a three-year rabies vaccination must bring their pet’s past rabies record.

Councilman Pembroke remarked that the Safety Committee met, and lighting in the back parking lot of the Town Complex was identified as a topic of concern. He noted that the existing lighting is currently turning off and on and is also inadequate, leaving the lot too dim for safety purposes. He suggested that the board visit the lot at night, for further discussion in the future. Lastly he reported that everything is going well in the Sewer Department.

Supervisor Plant reported that the joint Planning and Zoning Board training was very well attended and a second training may be held in the near future. He also reported that one quote was received for the painting of the Town Complex lobby, which was a budgeted item in the 2013 budget. The total quote, without the inclusion of ceiling painting, was reported to be $15,552.00, and it was noted that painting would begin on Saturday, October 12th, and be completed by Thursday, October 17th, to minimize inconvenience to employees and patrons. Additionally, Mr. Plant remarked that the library will be affected, due to not having a second entrance available. The board then gave its authorization for Supervisor Plant to sign the contract, and also provide formal notification to the library, as well. Lastly Supervisor Plant announced that he has been contacted by a group that will perform a free spay/neuter clinic in an area containing 100 or more feral cats. If any residents can identify any such area, whether it is an address or zip code, please contact Supervisor Plant for arrangements to be made.

At 7:45 PM a public hearing was held regarding Proposed Local Law #5, amending Chapter #139; Sewers- setting forth sewer rent charges and a provision for minimum sewer rent to not be charged in case of disconnect for more than 30 continuous days. Sewer rents and rates were quoted at $71.50, for a three-month period, and should consumption go beyond 16,000 gallons of water, the unit shall also pay an additional $4.50 per 1,000 gallons used thereafter. No public comments were offered and the hearing was closed at 7: 47 PM.

At 7:55 PM a public hearing was held regarding the Lincoln Fire Department’s proposed annual fire service contract. No public comments were offered and the hearing was closed at 7:57 PM.

At 8:05 PM a public hearing was called to order regarding the West Walworth Fire Department’s annual fire contract. No public comments were offered and the hearing was closed at 8:06 PM. Councilman Pembroke then warned that eventually funding from the federal government will slow at some point in time, and he also expressed his gratitude over the service and fire equipment that the town department’s are able to provide.

At 8:15 PM a public hearing was called to order regarding the proposed 2014 Annual Preliminary Budget. Public comments were offered from one resident who expressed her approval regarding the numbers assigned to the library, and further explained she hopes the numbers are kept as is. The hearing was then closed at 8:17 PM. At that time, Supervisor Plant shared that he has received two requests for increases. The first request was reported in the amount of $1,200.00, for General Code and Annual Maintenance. The second request was a $1,400.00 increase, to allow the Code Enforcement Officer, Mr. Phil Williamson, attendance at the Association of Towns Training. The board agreed these requests were necessary and beneficial and added the two line items to the proposed 2014 budget. It was also noted that the 2014 budget contains a zero dollar increase to the current tax levy.

The board then recessed the meeting briefly in order to formally prepare the electronic submission of the town’s budget for New York State. The item was sent digitally, and was received, and the meeting was called back to order.

In other business, the board Approved resolutions included:
– Resolution #83-13; Adoption of local Law #5 of 2013- Sewer Rents Increase – Chapter #139
– Resolution 84-13; Authorization for Supervisor Plant to sign the Fire Contract with the Lincoln Fire Department in the amount of $174,568.00
– Resolution 85-13; Authorization for Supervisor Plant to sign the Fire Contract with the West Walworth Fire Department in the amount of $189,028.00
– Resolution #86-13; Adoption of the 2014 Town of Walworth Budget, with two changes
No other business came before the board and the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.
The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Thursday, October 17th, at 7:30 in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room.
By Becky Block

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