VILLAGE OF PALMYRA: Mon., April 21, 2014

A regular meeting of the village board was called to order by Mayor Piccola at 7:00 in the Village Hall. Abstract #11B, Vouchers #858-897 in the amount of $28,983.19 was approved, as presented, as were the meeting minutes dated April 7th and April 10th of  2014. Reported correspondence was received from the NYS Preservation League regarding the NYS budget, and a letter from Community Action in Self Help notifying the village notifying the village that funding is available for low income residents who own single family homes and mobile homes, which have health and safety concerns or possible code violations. More information is available at the Village Hall for those interested. Lastly a letter from the NYS DEC/FEMA was received, announcing that a meeting will be held regarding New Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning, on Tuesday, May 13th in the Lyons Public Safety Building, in Operations Room #7376.

Trustee Luke reported that she followed up on the possibility of establishing a Farmer’s Market, explaining she learned that unfortunately it is too late begin the process at this time. She also noted that she will be hearing about the Gus Macker Tournament soon, as the planning meeting was held on Monday, April 21st. Lastly Trustee Luke shared that the Memorial Day Concert in the Village Park will feature popular band, “The Red Elvises”, as musical entertainment.

Trustee Nolan reported that the Waste Water Treatment Plant underwent inspections through the NYS DEC, as well as through the MRB Group to inspect the digestor. Maintenance and repairs were also performed, and no safety issues were reported for the month. Additionally he shared that the Water Department treated over 11 million gallons of water throughout the month, water main leaks were located, the DPW made a repair at Fayette Street, and no safety violations were reported for the month. Additionally the NYSERDA Rebate in the amount of $6,000.00 was received.

Mayor Piccola reported that the Highway Department has begun its spring clean-up and is currently working on filling wintertime pot holes. Additionally he reminded residents that brush pick-ups will resume on May 5th.

Under old and new business, village resident Tracy Vanderwall questioned the board as to who the Assessor answers to, as she expressed her dissatisfaction with the property assessments. The board explained that the village residents are town residents, and all assessments are done through a town appointed assessor, of which the village has no say over. Trustee Husk offered to attempt to make arrangements for a meeting with the Town Supervisor and Ms. Vanderwall in an effort to get answers for her questions. Additionally Town Resident, Mr. Ronald Fannon, also expressed his dissatisfaction for the process.

A motion was approved to grant the Historic Preservation permission to proceed with an application to recognize the Palmyra Cemetery and Rogers Chapel on the National Historic Registry, as was a motion to allow Mayor Piccola to sign off on the NYS DOT Proposed Urban Area Adjustment Map. Lastly a resolution was approved allowing for the village to re-levy unpaid water and sewer taxes, as well as property maintenance invoices to property tax bills.

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at   7:35 PM to meet in Executive Session regarding a personnel issue. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Monday, May 5th at 7:00 PM in the Palmyra Village Hall. By Becky Block


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