Village of Palmyra – Jan. 6, 2014

A regular meeting of the village board was called to order by Mayor Piccola at 7:00 in the village hall. Correspondence from the Cator Trust Advisory Board was received giving an update on the fund. It was reported that $12,500.00 is being allocated towards automated external defibrillator units to be distributed, as needed, throughout the community. It was also noted that for the year of 2014, there is $12,000.00-$15,000.00 available for project proposals which will benefit public health, and Cator Trust is looking forward to receiving future proposals. A second letter of correspondence was received from Ms. Jean Avery of Rochester, NY who, on her recent visit to the village, accidentally locked her keys in her car. Ms. Avery explained that she needed to call 911 for assistance and a Palmyra Police Officer, Officer Adam P. Husk, arrived within minutes and was “considerate, compassionate, and made her feel at ease.” Ms. Avery also remarked that Officer Husk was “mature beyond his years, showed respect, and helped quickly.” Ms. Avery felt it was important to share her good experience, explaining it seems police officers only get bad press, and Officer Husk truly acted a public servant, whom she wished to thank for his service. Upon receipt of her letter, Palmyra Police Chief Dalton wrote a Letter of Accommodation for Officer Husk, in thanks of a “job well done”. Mayor Piccola  congratulated Officer Husk for how he handled himself.

Under Board Reports, Trustee Nolan reported that he met with the Water Authority regarding repairs at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. He noted that it has been 12 years since any upgrading was done in the facility, and the state recommends a thorough cleanout be done every 10 years, which is something the board will need to consider, and will seek guidance from an engineer before making any decisions.

Deputy Mayor Husk reported that the Building and Grounds Department has finished winterizing, and quotes for the bandstand renovations are currently being sought, while the Park Drive tree removal is slated to commence in the next few weeks. Lastly he reported that the Harbor Host program building is currently being built for next season. A motion was then made, and approved, to expense the Harbor Host building out of the economic Development Fund, in an amount not to exceed $1,000.00.

Mayor Piccola reported that the Highway Department has been busy plowing and is awaiting plow run totals and salt usage to date, for budget purposes.

Under old business, Deputy Mayor Husk suggested that, in the future, when building and grounds emergency services are required, that the village ought to determine first if the village employees are capable of making the repairs, before outsourcing, in an effort to save money.

Newly approved business included approval of a motion to reject the Prospect Hill Firewood bid, and re-advertise in spring, approval of a vacation payroll request, and renewal of the annual drug testing contract with Advanced Occupational Services in the amount of $120.00.

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 7:32 PM for the board to meet in Executive Session regarding a contractual real estate purchase and possible employee discipline. The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, January 27th, at 7:00 PM in the Palmyra Village Hall. It should be noted that this meeting will be held on the 4th Monday of the month due to Martin Luther King Day.  By Becky Block



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