Village of Macedon – Oct 9, 2013

A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Mayor Cramer at 7:00 in the village hall. Meeting minutes dated September 25, 2013 were approved, as presented, with one addition. The abstract dated October 9th, in the amount of $96,816.22 was also approved, as presented.

Mr. Eric Dodge, of MedEx came before the board regarding EMS billing. Some issues currently facing the industry are people without insurance, patients with high deductible health plans, unemployment, and the general economic downturn. He also noted that medicare has doubled, due to the baby boomer generation coming of age to receive their benefits. Unfortunately, these factors contribute to the village’s ambulance service financial reports being lower, and he noted that it is not an isolated situation- this is a trend being seen across the country. Addressing the Health Care Reform Act, and specifically how it will effect ambulance service, he explained that it is still too early to predict what its overall end-effect will be. He noted that unfortunately the core reason for ambulance services losing so much money is due to insurance companies paying less and less for EMS fees.

During trustee & department head reports, Mayor Cramer reported that the community-wide “Booing” and Scarecrowing” events are off to a good start for the season. She also noted that an ambulance response time for a medical emergency on Sunday was, while reasonable, found by the village to be unacceptable. Since the incident, procedures have been addressed and changed, and it will no longer be an issue. Additionally she reported that the Triathlon Fundraiser for the 2nd phase of the Butterfly Trail is ongoing. Sponsorship for walking the 4 trails located in the village and town will help raise funds, and all donations are tax deductible. Lastly, she reported on correspondence from Time Warner Cable which listed upcoming changes, and informed the village on the contract with the county which will be expiring in the near future.

Deputy Mayor Bassage reported that the “Meet Your Neighbors Picnic” went well, despite the poor weather. Many activities were available, including live music and a bounce house, as well as a Pie Contest. It was also noted that 7 community members were recognized for Community Member Recognition, after being nominated by their fellow residents.

Trustee Kelly remarked that he is offended by the Times of Wayne County report in the October 5th edition regarding the Town and Village of Macedon fire department story. Objectionable items in the report included the use of the term “loggerheads”, for fire department volunteers, and the omittance of clarification of the fact that it is the town board who is looking to establish a new fire district, and not the village. He commented that the town board’s actions are tinkering with volunteerism in the community, and that their actions will cost the taxpayer’s more money over and above what is being spent currently- not including the cost of equipment or building a new fire hall. He concluded that, if 180 people came forward speaking against the establishment of a new fire department, then the establishment of one is against ethics and proves that the town is simply determined to dissolve the Macedon Fire Department. “There is no interest in the taxpayer, it is only in the interest of the town board. The village residents are not step-children, and they need to step up to defend the village.” Concern over how a new fire department can be established in such short order was also shared with the board.

Trustee Sliney reported that he, along with the Mayor and Fire Chief Wilcox, attended the Town Budget Workshop meeting which was held on October 3rd. After attending the workshop, he noted that he left the meeting feeling as though the ultimate impetus of the town board is to aid in the demise of the village. He noted that this impression was largely made based on 3 comments made by town council members during that meeting that he found to be objectionable. Lastly he voiced his concern that while the town board claims that they have public safety in mind as a top priority, their actions clearly speak otherwise.
Under updates, it was reported by Trustee Sliney that the village has been looking into quotes and set-ups for security cameras at the village hall, and more verification is needed before a final decision is made.

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 8:03 PM, for the board to meet in Executive Session, regarding pending litigation and employment issues. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:00 PM in the Macedon Fire Hall, and will include a LWRP Presentation for the Steering Committee on the Waterfront Revitalization Project.

By Becky Block

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