Village of Macedon – Oct. 23, 2013

 A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Mayor Cramer at 7:00 in the Macedon Fire Hall. Meeting minutes dated October 9, 2013 were approved, as presented. Regarding the proposed abstract, Trustee Lohse questioned a line item for a U Channel, however the board and clerk were unclear what, specifically, the improvement was for. The abstract dated October 25th in the amount of $37,582.27 was then approved, as presented, with one nay vote from Trustee Sliney.

Public comment was offered from a resident who shared her concern of hydro-fracking in New York State, and shared that a public informational meeting on the subject will be held at Books, Etc. on Saturday, November 2nd, at 2:00 PM.

Ms. Kimberly Baptiste of Bergman Associates made a public presentation regarding the Village of Macedon Waterfront and Downtown Revitalization Strategy. Ms. Baptiste reviewed the history of the project research which included a public design workshop with a walking tour, committee meetings, a public vision meeting, an internal design workshop, and a review of market findings, all of which contributed to the development of a Master Plan, which is designed to be implemented over the span of 20 years. Some recommendations for improvements included public investment to spur private development, embracing canal visitors, providing access to resources, considering new opportunities, envisioning a new waterfront, welcoming residents and visitors, attracting new residents, offering diversity in housing products, and providing outdoor recreation.

Proposed enhancements in the Canal Park included a kayak launch, fishing dock, a comfort station, and additional parking. (It was noted that a CFA Grant application has been submitted for these projects, and the village is awaiting approval.) Recommendations to offer a unique canal destination at Canal Park included a natural playground, a spray park pad, enhanced docking facilities, a picnic pavilion, restroom facilities, way-finding and pedestrian connections, a trail connection, and lock enhancements.

Gravino Park enhancement recommendations include new playground equipment, a trail with exercise stations, a picnic pavilion, a skate park ,and pickle ball courts. Waterfront development included mixed-use housing, a loop trail with a lookout point, and enhanced public space. It was reported that the Implementation Strategy includes capitol projects, policy recommendations, requesting recommendations, roles and responsibility clarification, projects for advancement through a BOA Grant/Step 3, and funding strategies. Economic development recommendations included attracting new and retaining existing businesses, capitalizing on natural resources, consideration of “modern” businesses designed to fit into a historical Main Street, Main Street facade improvements, and embracing a variety of commercial uses. It was noted that the BOA Grant funding is earmarked for studies, while the LWRP Grant covers construction costs.

It was also noted that additional studies will likely be needed for completion of individual projects. Next steps were identified as a Committee Meeting #7 on November 6th, Committee meeting #8 on January 8th, with a final public presentation expected in January of February.

One resident asked what would happen should the Village of Macedon be dissolved. It was explained that the town would, in that instance, inherit the plan, and the funding would be transferred. Ms. Marcy Frey, of the Steering Committee, thanked the entire Steering Committee for BOA/LWRP Project, as well as Ms. Baptiste and her team for all the hard work that has gone into this process to date.

During trustee & department head reports, Mayor Cramer reported that only one village board meeting will be held during the months of November and December due to the holidays, on the second Wednesday of each month. Ms. Cramer also noted that the Village Customer and Employee Appreciation events will be held on Friday, November 29th. Additionally she reported that the baseball league has offered to purchase gutters for the Gravino Park Concessions building, if the village is able to install them. It was agreed that the mayor will follow up with the DPW to see if this is feasible.

Ms. Cramer made a motion to send Trustee Kelly to a sewer pump seminar, which was approved by the board. She then made a second motion to send herself and Trustee Kelly to a sewer clarifier seminar, which was also approved by the board.

Deputy Mayor Bassage reported that she met with the town to coordinate the Torchlight parade  event along Main Street, which will stop along the route for the tree lighting and Santa Parade on Friday, December 6th and the event is looking to be a very memorable one for all to attend.

Trustee Sliney reported that 3 bids for the village hall security system were received, and made a recommendation to award the contract to Superior Security, in the amount of $3,315.96, which was approved by the board. He noted that installation will begin within a week.

Trustee Lohse reported that the new build on Kemp Drive is having difficulties getting services installed, which is causing delays of the construction.

Fire Chief Tim Wilcox reported that he submitted fire and ambulance reports to the board, and also noted that the flooring improvements at the fire hall are underway. Additionally he reported that the department gave two fire prevention presentations at two area day cares, and will also be presenting at the schools shortly in honor of fire prevention month. Lastly he reported that 2 fire and one ambulance applications had been submitted to the board, and the three applications were then approved by the board.

Village Engineer, Dan Cornwall, reported that most all residential water meters have been installed, and that commercial water meters are now being ordered. He also noted that the generator project construction will begin soon.

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00 PM in the Macedon Village Hall.

By Becky Block


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