Village of Macedon Nov. 13, 2013

A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Mayor Cramer at 7:00 in the Macedon Village Hall. Meeting minutes dated October 23, 2013 were approved, as presented. The abstract dated November 13th in the amount of $58,809.18 was also approved, as presented. Public comment was offered from a resident who suggested that perhaps the fire department can turn around what is, on the surface, a negative experience, and make it a positive one by trying to raise additional funds or acquire additional corporate donations. Reported correspondence included a letter from the Wayne County Water Authority notifying the village of a water rate increase of five cents to $2.45/1,000 gallons. After discussion, the board agreed to approve a motion to raise its rates by eight cents.
Mr. Dave Nelson, the village’s new Human Resources employee, was in attendance and reported that he is working on updating the employee handbook for the board’s review.
During trustee & department head reports, Mayor Cramer reported that the Hoteling Way sign has been stolen for the third time, and she has contacted the Macedon Town Police in order to make a report. She also noted that Cub Scout Pack #166 visited the village hall on Tuesday to earn their Citizenship Badge.
Deputy Mayor Bassage reported that she is working on getting the village decorated for the holidays, and that the torch path lighting event along Main Street, which will stop along the route for the tree lighting and Santa Parade will be held on Friday, December 6th . The event is free to attend. It was also noted that the BOA and LWRP Grants are running on schedule and moving forward.
Trustee Sliney reported that the Wayne County Time Warner Coalition will be having a meeting this coming Monday. Additionally he noted that the exterior security cameras have been installed and interior cameras will soon follow. Lastly he reported that the MVP litigation is currently undecided. A motion was then made, and approved, for Trustee Sliney to attend a meeting as the representative, granting him settlement authority to act on behalf of the village.
Trustee Lohse reported that the village is preparing for the snow removal season and repairs to trucks have been made. Additionally the village’s road salt supply has been received.
Fire Chief Tim Wilcox shared a letter from membership of the Macedon Fire Department, and will continue to provide fire services and ambulance services to the community, despite outside changes beyond their control. He also reported that a pancake breakfast will be held this Sunday from 8:00 AM- 12:00 noon at the fire hall. It was noted that volunteers are always welcome, and those interested should contact the Fire Chief if you are able to help. He also reported that the new sign will be installed shortly. Mr. Morrill, the Village Code Enforcement Officer, noted that he should be notified before any work is done, in order to make sure outside contractors have valid insurance coverage. He then made a motion to allow the fire department to install its new sign, pending evidence of completed forms, and copies of comp and liability forms to the village from the contractor. This was approved by the board. Lastly Mr. Wilcox met with all 3 neighboring fire departments, save for Macedon Center, and have agreed to maintain all previously agreed upon working relationships, and the Village and Town of Palmyra has requested that the Village of Macedon have 24-7/365 automatic mutual aid for fire protection. Trustee Sliney voiced his concern that the Village of Macedon Fire Department may be putting themself in a bad position obligating its mutual aid 24-7 while negotiations are continuing and specifics are not yet clarified. The board approved a motion to enter into a mutual aid contract with the Town and Village of Palmyra, allowing Mayor Cramer to sign said contract.
Code Enforcement Officer, Mr. Don Morrill, reported that the owner of a new build is requesting his driveway be named as “One Well House Drive”, rather than set it as an access road. He noted that he will follow up with the village attorney to see if this is feasible. He also reported that some new permits have been issued, and that a 5th wheel trailer parked on 16 Trapbrook has been ticketed to appear in court. Additionally several C of O inspections have been conducted and he has met with the Zoning Board Chairman and potential changes. Lastly he noted that as of today’s date, 30 building permits have been issued, and year to date the department has taken in approximately $6,000.00 in revenue.
Department of Public Works Superintendent, Mr. Dave LeMoyne, reported that the Highway Department has been concentrating on leaf pickup, and occasional brush pickup. New signage has been installed, Gravino Park has been closed for the season, and picture boards have also been taken down for the winter. Blacktop patching is being completed, the snowblower has been prepped, repairs on equipment and trucks have been made, as well as an ambulance repair was also completed. The Sewer Treatment Plant has had repairs completed, employees have attended training classes, installed a new sewer lateral, and hauled 7 loads of sludge. The Water Department has replaced some water services, and repaired some water main breaks, and water service has been terminated to all vacant properties. Additionally he noted that all old Badger water meters have been scrapped, bringing in $1,726.00 in scrap fees, and only 36 new water meters have yet to be installed, less the 10 vacant properties in the village. Mr. LeMoyne remarked that leaf pickup will continue until no more leaves are left curbside, or a heavy snowfall of freeze prohibits continued pickups.
Village Engineer, Dan Cornwall, reported that questionnaires have been prepared to be sent out to industrial users for feedback on any significant industrial users. He also noted that the Generator Project contract has been signed and the work will be underway shortly after a pre-construction meeting. He also noted that the generator project’s band will be changing over into a four-year bond, to be paid off in 2017.
Under updates, a new auditor will be used for this year, due to the temporary accountant used this year. Additionally Mayor Cramer suggested the Employee Christmas Reception be held on Friday, December 20th, from noon until 1:30, at Toadz.
Under new business, Mayor Cramer reported that the court date regarding sewer litigation with the town has been set for Monday, November 18th, and that a revision of the agreement has been sent to the town. A revision of parking terms on Main Street was approved by the board, as was a revision of verbiage of the re-naming of Hoteling Way. Lastly a resolution was approved by the board to re-levy all unpaid village taxes as of October 31, 2013.
No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM to then meet in Executive Session regarding a legal issue. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, December 11th at 7:00 PM in the Macedon Village Hall. By Becky Block

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