Village of Lyons Tues., July 8, 2014

Mayor VanStean opened the meeting to public participation. He stated he had received a visit from Mr. Duntley, and a phone call from Rich Henry regarding the no parking signs on High Street. There were tentative spots marked for no parking by Jack Emmel, Public Works Superintendent.

Mr. Henry stated the street is very narrow. Houses were built in the 1800’s not built for vehicles. There are limited spaces for cars; he himself has to park at other residences to avoid problems. He has a disabled daughter and Health Care Aides who are at his house. He can respect the concern for one parking spot marked “no parking” but not  more.

Mayor VanStean stated the concern is with the home that has the utility pole in the middle of the driveway. An attempt was made to have the pole moved, but that was unsuccessful. It is difficult for the homeowners at 30-32 High to get in and out of their driveway when someone is parked across the street from their property. Mr. Duntley spoke and stated the street is narrow. We choose where we want to live. We do have to be careful and accommodate neighbors; however, parking on the street is important. Mayor VanStean stated the Village is looking to mark one spot across the street from 30 High Street.

Trustee Blandino questioned if the one spot was marked No Parking across from 30 High Street how that would impede them? It was agreed that if the area across from 30 High Street was the only spot marked “No Parking” on High Street, that would not be an issue.

Shelley Sloane from 35 Shuler Street was in attendance to discuss the conditions of the houses at 39 and 43 Shuler Street. She stated these two houses are disgusting and something needs to be done. Village Attorney, Arthur Williams, will get information from Robert Darcangelis, Code Enforcement Officer, to start a process to bring action of code violations to court on these two nuisance properties.

Pat Nicoletta, P.E. MRB/group was in attendance to update the status of the Catherine Street Drainage Improvements Project. Mr. Nicoletta reviewed and completed Part 1-Project Information of the Short Environmental Assessment Form with the Village Board. The Village of Lyons Board of Trustees have reviewed the SEQR Short Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) Part 1, prepared by the MRB Group on the Village of Lyons Catherine Street Drainage Improvements Project and  the Village Board determines that said Action is classified as an Unlisted Action under the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Regulations.  The  Board declared its intent to be designated as the lead agency and the Village Engineer is directed to provide notice to the involved and interested agencies, seeking their agreement in writing on or before noon on Monday, August 11, 2014.

Village Attorney, Arthur Williams, reported a demand letter was mailed to the property owner of 7761 Route 31 for past due sewer bills. Mr. Williams also informed the Village Board the easement paperwork for 122 and 124 Catherine Street drainage improvements will be mailed to the property owners.   Clerk – Treasurer, Denise Darcangelis, discussed the hiring of a part-time Water and Sewer Clerk. She advised the board that interviews were conducted and the most qualified candidate was Addie Carter. Addie Carter was approved to be hired as the part-time Water and Sewer Clerk at the rate of $11.00 per hour and to work 20 hours per week according to Civil Service rules for part-time employees.

An authorization was granted for the Clerk-Treasurer to loan $187,372.93, from the General Fund to the Water Fund as a due to the General Fund, for expenses as directed by New York State Office of the State Comptroller. A request was received from the Lyons Main Street Program to hold a “Lyons Community Garage Sale” on August 2, 2014, sponsored by the Lyons Main Street Program. Authorization was granted.   Mayor VanStean read a thank you note from the Lyons Peppermint Days Committee for supporting the 2014 festival.

Mayor VanStean read a request from Jack McCranels asking to move the clock works that is currently stored at the Methodist Church to the Heritage Society, as well as, the ownership from the Methodist Church to the Heritage Society.The clock works was declared surplus and ownership was moved to the Heritage Society.  Mayor VanStean stated there have been several complaints regarding the horse feces throughout the Village Streets. There is an ordinance that dog owners are expected to pick up their dog feces and he feels that same should be done for the owners of the horses. Village Attorney, Arthur Williams, will draft a Local Law.

Mayor VanStean reported the Town of Lyons has been in discussion with the Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority about the town’s impending responsibility for the water and sewer systems in the village. The Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority is considering taking over this responsibility. Meetings have taken place with the Town, Village and employees of the Village.

A request was received from Jeffrey Lead, 9 Ditton Street, asking for relief on his sewer charge of 14,000 gallons because he recently had a new pool liner installed. Relief was authorized. Trustee Alvaro reported the Water Tanks on Pearl Street are due for inspection. Conrady Consultant Services presented an inspection statement of services and proposal. Inspection of both tanks without multiple remobilizations is $3,600. Authorization was granted. Trustee Alvaro presented an application for 75 Montezuma Street to replace a residential street lateral. The request was passed. Authorization was granted to permanently appoint Robert Milliman to the Motor Equipment Operator position within the Department of Public Works effective June 11, 2014.  It was also reported Mr. Milliman has earned his certification of a grade D-Distribution System Water System Operator. Mayor VanStean reported Sergeant Brendlinger has been out with a work related injury/illness. In his absence and while on light duty, Chief Bogan has assigned Officer Jeffrey Shield to provide supervision and administration of our day to day activities. This is retroactive June 9, 2014. It was approved that Officer Shields work in the capacity of a supervisor and be compensated at the rate of $1.50 an hour per Section 2B of the Lyons Police Association contract until Sergeant Brendlinger returns to regular duty.

Chief Bogan reported arrest have been made for the illegal dumping on Cole Road. This will continue to be monitored. Chief Bogan would like the Village to seek restitution against the people who have been arrested for the illegal dumping. All bills will be forwarded to the Lyons Village Court.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 P.M.


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