Village of Lyons Nov. 25, 2013

Special meeting
Mayor Kleisle explained the purpose of tonight’s meeting was to discuss the position of the part-time DPW Foreman. Michael Salerno’s last day is November 29, 2013. The village needs someone in charge of the Department of Public Works when he leaves. Applications were received. Jake Emmel, Superintendent of the Town of Lyons Highway, did apply. He has agreed to an annual salary of $18,000 plus his NYS Retirement and Social Security. Mayor Kleisle has drafted a contract for Jake and one for the Town of Lyons. Both contracts are under review with the Village Attorney. Jake’s primary position with the Village is to take on the Village employees and daily set up jobs for them. He would be totally responsible to the Mayor and the Village Board. He would not have set hours for the Village; however, he will be on call with 911 for emergencies. The Town Board also thought this is the direction to go.
Jake Emmel was temporarily appointed to the position of Part-Time Department of Public Works Foreman, effective November 30, 2013, at an annual salary of $18,000. Meeting adjourned at 6:32 P.M.

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