Village of Lyons – Monday, Nov. 4, 2013

Mayor Kleisle explained the purpose of this Special Meeting was to review the proposed Village of Lyons Dissolution Plan and the comments that were heard at last week’s Public Hearing. At the meeting they would be  making any changes they feel warranted with the plan or alternative plan.

Trustee Dobbins spoke regarding the elimination of the Parking Enforcement Officer. He strongly feels there is no way the Lyons Police Department can handle patrolling the entire township and handle the Parking Enforcement Officer’s duties. Trustee Greco stated to hire an officer to do desk work will cost much more money than what the Parking Enforcement Officer is paid.

Trustee Dobbins questioned if the school has to have a crossing guard, and if they can foot some of the bill? He feels if this position stays, she will be visible in the Village while the Police will be diluted with their coverage expanded. This will give us more of a presence. Trustee Greco stated there is a lot more that she does besides parking meters. Mayor Kleisle also stated that $22,900 in revenues would be greatly reduced or lost from the parking tickets not issued.

Mayor Kleisle questioned the desk Sergeant that is in the proposed plan. She stated that was never voted on. They would have a highly paid officer sitting at a desk.

They voted to put the position of Parking Enforcement Officer /School Crossing Guard be put back in the Village of Lyons Dissolution Plan.

Trustee Evangelist questioned the personnel for the Lyons Police Department. Mayor Kleisle stated one Sergeant and one Patrolman would be cut. There will be more territory to cover with less people. Trustee Dobbins questioned if the Sheriff’s Department could help with patrols. It was explained by Sheriff Virts, at the public hearing, to add a Deputy to the Village would cost approximately $125,000 per Deputy. Trustee Evangelist cannot see cutting back when the area they will be require to cover will be larger.

It was determined to make no changes in the Dissolution Plan regarding the Police Department.

Trustee Evangelist questioned the alternative plan with the Fire Department. The plan states the Village Fire Department will cease to exist and a Fire District will be established. He stated it did not make sense to create a Fire District if we remain a Village. They voted  that the Fire District does not get established per the alternative plan if we remain a Village.

Mayor Kleisle discussed the changes to the Court. She agrees the Court should be a Town Court and the location should be on Phelps Street. The Lyons Police Department should remain at 72 William Street and the Village Administrative Office should stay at 76 William Street. There is no reason to have a co-location of the Town of Lyons and Village of Lyons administrative staff if the Village does not dissolve. She also commented on the workload at the Village Office. She stated if the workload of the Code Enforcement Officer remains at the Village Hall, we will need to retain the part- time clerk to assist with that workload.

The board voted that in the alternative plan, they would keep the part-time person if the Village of Lyons retains all the Code Enforcement business.

They also voted that, in case of the alternative plan, the Town of Lyons and the Village of Lyons Administrative staff remain in their own jurisdiction.

The board agreed by vote that the  Lyons Police Department should remain at 72 William Street for all Dissolution Plans. This would also eliminate the $152,000 renovation cost of the one-time building modifications if the court goes to the Phelps Street property.

The Board of Trustees accepted the Village of Lyons Dissolution Plan as per the changes made by resolutions.

Mayor Kleisle read a letter from Michael Salerno, General Working Foreman, notifying the Village Board his intent to resign from his position of General Working Foreman, effective November 29, 2013. Authorization was granted to accept Michael Salerno’s letter of resignation effective November 29, 2013.



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