Town of Williamson Tues., April 8, 2014

The Regular Meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Williamson was held in the Town Complex Court Room located at 6380 Route 21, Suite II, following the Worksession at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, by Supervisor Hoffman with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Comment:  Fedele Noto asked the Board to include additional verbiage to the Route 104 / East Townline resolution the Board was to act on during this meeting. Residents in that area gave their comments and concerns. Barbara Smith on East Townline Road felt she should have notification regarding the issue.  Supervisor Hoffman explained it was not a public hearing but more of a group of concerned citizens who came to the Board to support their case. He also explained all meetings are public and posted and open to the everyone to attend.

The board approved Jim Koudelka, Groundskeeper, becoming an Ornamental and Turf Pesticide Technician. The cost of the certification will be $300.00 for the fees and tests.

The board accepted the Union Contract for 2014 – 2018 containing the agreed upon changes.

The board presented a resolution concerning the Route 104 intersection discussed earlier, saying that Route 104 is a state highway passing east and west        through Wayne County, including the Town of Williamson; and in 1992 the Town Board was presented with a petition, regarding a caution light at the intersection of East Townline Road and Route 104, and  on September 5, 2007, and on December 28, 2011, requests were  forwarded to the New York State Department of Transportation regarding citizens’ concerns with the increased truck traffic at the intersection of East Townline Road and NYS Rt. 104. In April 2013, another concerned citizen contacted the Williamson Town Supervisor about his concerns regarding trucks parking and staging in the area of Townline Road and NYS Rt. 104; and in February 2014, Mr. Fedele Noto, 7539 East Townline Road, Williamson NY contacted the Town Supervisor highlighting safety concerns with NYS Rt. 104 from the intersection of State Route 21 going east to the Sodus town line,  providing a four-page letter listing concerns and his request; and Mr. Noto’s letter of concerns and his request was subsequently  forwarded to the NYS Department of Transportation; and   listed on the agenda for the Williamson Town Board meeting for February 25, 2014, were discussed at said meeting with a consensus that the Town Board would take no action until a response was received from the NYS Department of Transportation. Mr. Noto and approximately 50 others did attend the March 25th board  meeting with several residents expressing concerns and suggesting changes to NYS  Route 104;  Mr.  Noto gave a presentation about the traffic and safety hazards  associated with the intersection of Route 104 and East Townline Rd.  He also talked  about the hazard of drivers passing on the inside at that intersection. There were  approximately five other residents of the town who also spoke about the same issue and supported Mr. Noto’s call for action to be taken to improve the situation before there is a  serious accident. The Town Supervisor and two Town Board members of the town of Sodus also attended the meeting and they supported the need to improve safety at the intersection, and one business owner in attendance stated that widening NYS Route 104  would put him out of business. According to the NYSDOT Traffic Volume Report (2011), average annual daily traffic on NYS Route 104 from the intersection of Lake Avenue has increased 75% since 2003 and 60% of that increase has occurred since 2006. The Comprehensive Plan and newly enacted zoning ordinances of the Town of Williamson identify the stretch of Route 104 from the intersection of Pound Rd to the town line between Williamson and Sodus a C2 Transitional Commercial zone with the purpose and intent to foster lower intensity commercial development extending outward from the Commercial district.  It is the intent of the district to promote development of a scale and with access that is appropriate for locations transitioning from higher density commercial areas to outlying residential and agricultural areas. Any remedy should be made with the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance in mind, and The Town of Williamson is concerned about safety at the intersection  of Route 104 and East Townline Rd and fears that a serious accident may be likely at the  intersection;

• The Town Board of Williamson urges the State of New York and the County of Wayne to assess the traffic situation at the intersection in question, and acknowledges the concerns expressed by residents to the Town Board, and does support moving forward with a request to the NYS Department of Transportation that a traffic study be conducted of NYS Route 104 from the intersection of Lake Avenue to the Sodus town line. The Town Board of Williamson directs the Town Supervisor to contact appropriate NY State Assembly and Senate members to express the importance of this issue, and the Town of Williamson wants to participate in any deliberation about possible remedies to the situation

The Resolution was declared adopted.

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