Town of Williamson Oct. 22, 2013

The Town Board opened with a workshop at 7:00 and a discussion including Town Attorney Art Williams regarding the Hamilton Street Extension in Pultneyville. He had been asked by the Board to research as to whether the Town is required to maintain this section of roadway. Mr. Williams said that there had been various easements in the past but it was never formally dedicated to the Town. The Town does plow it in order to gain access to the Water Treatment Plant, and people use it to get to the Yacht Club as well. On occasion, it has been graded because there are drainage issues with water running from the south side to the Extension, causing potholes and ruts.

Mr. Ray Walvoord spoke of the history of this extension, which has shown that about 50 years ago the Town’s policy was to pave one mile or more every year, and funds were budgeted to do so. All roads were therefore paved except Arbor Rd. Extension and Hamilton St. Extension. If it were paved and maintained, he feels more people would have access to the lake.

Mr. Williams responded that it was a great idea formed years ago, but the current NYS Constitution’s statutes state that it could be taken over by the Town if it met Town standards. Since it is private land, the Town cannot use taxpayers’ money for this private benefit. Supervisor Jim Hoffman stated that the cost to upgrade the road might be in the $80,000 – $100,000 range plus the cost of correcting the drainage issues.

The only apparent solution would be for the private owners to repair the road to Town standards and then dedicate it to the Town. Williamson’s only benefit is that it provides access to the Water Treatment Facility, and there is an easement with the property that allows the Town to perpetually use it.

The business meeting opened at 7:35 with a Public Hearing on the 2014 Town Budget. Patrick Wright, President of the Library Board of Trustees, shared his concern that there is a proposed decrease in the Library’s contractural expenses, from $54,766 in 2013 to $16,486 in the Preliminary Budget. He explained that more funding is needed in order to provide patrons with current offerings, such as e-books and DVD’s. The highlights in the 2014 Budget include a tax rate (if proposed budget is adopted) of $4.31657 per $1000 of assessed value, which is an increase of $.12673 per thousand from the current year’s rate. The Town is using an available carryover from 2013 of $30,606, and with other adjustments for transfers and exclusions, which are determined by the State, the Town is adopting a budget that is $1,293 under the allowable tax levy for the Town (tax levy cap is a 1.66% increase). Councilman Tom Watson explained that the fund balance (unexpended monies) helps keep the tax levy at the capped increase, but it has been a challenge this year. The County tax rate will be determined in December. The Public Hearing closed at 7:47, and later in the meeting the 2014 Town Budget was passed unanimously.

At 8:00, the second Public Hearing of the evening opened, with no comments from the public. This hearing was regarding Proposed Local Law #4, 2013 – Real Property Tax Levy Limit (tax cap of 1.66%), and the Board stated that they didn’t intend to exceed the cap. The hearing closed at 8:01, with no comments from the public. Later in the meeting, this resolution also passed unanimously.

Consent Agenda – The Board accepted the minutes of the 10/8/13 meeting and paid the Library bills in the amount of $1,332.14.

Economic Development – Councilman Gary Orbaker moved to authorize the Town Supervisor to attend the Farm Bureau annual meeting and dinner on 10/26/13 at the Fairville Fire Hall at a Town charge of $16.00.

Finance – Supervisor Hoffman moved to authorize the Town Supervisor to sign a software support agreement with Williamson Law Book for the Building & Codes software in the Building Department. The agreement is the same as last year – one year at a cost of $600.00.

Parks and Recreation – Councilman Bixby moved for the Supervisor to sign a lease agreement with Boy Scout Troop 90 for the use of property to the north of the Town Complex from 11/1/13 to 12/31/13.

Planning – Councilman Tom Watson moved to advertise for the upcoming opening on the Zoning Board; Ernie Norton’s term expires 12/31/13. The term of office will be from 1/1/14 – 12/31/18; applications will be accepted until 12/6/13 at 4:00 p.m. Councilman Watson then presented a motion to advertise for the upcoming opening on the Planning Board; Tom DeMarree’s term expires 1/12/14. The 5-year term will begin 1/13/14 and expire on 1/12/19. Applications will be accepted until 12/6/13 at 4:00 p.m. The Councilman also moved to authorize 2 employees to attend the NYS DEC-endorsed 4-hour Erosion and Sediment Control Training to be held at the MC Soil & Water Conservation District office on 12/31/13 from 8:00 – 12:00. The cost of $100 per person is to be a Town charge. The final motion from Planning authorized Chuck Monsees to attend the GFLRPC Fall 2013 Regional Local Government Workshop being held at the Clarion Hotel in Batavia on 11/15/13, at a Town cost of $75.00 plus expenses.

Public Safety – Councilman Gary Orbaker made a motion to authorize the Town Supervisor to sign a license agreement with the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority regarding the placement of a bus stop and shelter on Ridge Road, upon approval of the Town Attorney. This shelter is free of charge; the Town is to construct a platform for it, and the BID will be consulted as to where to place it.

Public Services – Councilman Mike Bixby made a motion for the Town Supervisor to sign the service renewal agreement with Badger Meter, Inc. The cost is the same as last year – $3,615.00 from 11/14/13 to 11/13/14. The next motion presented was for the Supervisor to attend the Center for Environmental Initiatives’ 30th Annual Salute to the Environment on 11/19/13 at RIT. The Town charge will be $60.00 plus expenses; a spokesperson will discuss the issue of clean energy.

The Supervisor was also authorized to attend the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s annual meeting and dinner on 11/1/13 at Dockers Restaurant in North Rose at a Town charge of $15.00. The Town Board approved Change Order #1 for the installation of 2 additional Man-ways ($10,060) into the 2-million gallon reservoir and for railing modifications ($7,300). The additional Man-ways are required to bring the reservoir into compliance with NSF61 regulations for confined spaces.

Next on the agenda was a discussion regarding the purchase of a Vactor truck. The current one is 34 years old, and dates back to when the Wastewater Treatment Plant was installed. Chief Operator John Manahan explained that if the Town doesn’t get the price they want online, then the Town could negotiate one-on-one with the company. The final resolution was to declare the Town as the lead agency for the solar project on Pound Road. John Manahan questioned how the Water Department would fit in with this project, and was told that the Town would save $26,000 in electricity, half of which is for water, and over 25 years, $1,000,000+ would be saved in energy costs.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12. The next Business Meeting of the Town Board will be on 11/12/13 at 7:30, preceded by a 7:00 Workshop.

Submitted by Monica Deyo

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