Town of Williamson Nov. 12, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Supervisor Jim Hoffman; all Board members were present. The first order of business was a brief presentation by Justin Booth regarding the Complete Streets proposal. This project would promote connectivity with the streets & sidewalks and is a way to develop walkability and consistency in these passages as they are planned. The Williamson Planning Board would be the liaison with the Town Board and the plan would take about 3 months to develop. Mr. Booth’s website is, and he is the Executive Director of “Go, Bike Buffalo”.
– Correspondence – The Board received a letter of thanks from George Harland for naming the road to the Town Park “George Harland Drive” as an acknowledgement of the countless hours Mr. Harland spent in the planning and implementation of the park. He also thanked Mike Bixby, Ed Marriott, and Kurt Allman for their efforts in bringing the park to completion. An additional letter was received from the Williamson-Pultneyville Historical Society.
The Board accepted the minutes of their meeting on 10/22/13, the Town Clerk’s Report, budgetary transfers within the General, Highway, Water, and Sewer Funds, and paid the audited Library bills in the amount of $2,344.97. Highway Superintendent Kurt Allman reported that the Fisher Road culvert replacement was completed, Ice Control Sand was hauled, plow operators attended a snow and ice safety seminar, crusher run stone was hauled and stockpiled, and work on Bearswamp Road included milling, repairing potholes, and paving. Cal Hood of the Water Treatment Facility reported that the 2-million gallon reservoir was drained and necessary data was gathered for a tank profile as requested by DOH. It was decided to expand the Standard Operating Procedures to include compliances and other issues involved with the Water Plant and Distribution System. This will not only be a manual of plant operations for a new operator but will also include comprehensive information on aspects that would be helpful to the Chief Operator. Bill Dobie of the Water Department reported that a new sample tap in the reservoir fill line was installed so samples may be obtained from the tank without climbing. Three employees spent a day in the city for a laboratory class. It was noted that the Water Plant is now running 24 hours.
John Manahan reported that the Wastewater Treatment Facility’s sludge press project has the full DEC approval but includes a 12% increase due to change orders. The big change is using an in-tank aerating pump against an out-of-tank circulating system, which adds $40,000 plus some electrical upgrades. The control project is almost complete except for the sludge press portion. The large 40×50 maps of the sewer mains are being reprinted and both the Town and County will have both paper and electronic copies.
– Facilities – Councilman Mike Bixby moved to authorize the Town Clerk to advertise for quotes for cleaning the Town Hall and Court facilities; the ad will appear in the Town’s legal papers the week of 11/17/13 and quotes will be accepted until 12/6/13 at 4:00p.m. The Board adjourned into executive session at 7:35 for a personnel matter and the open meeting resumed at 7:50.
The next motion approved was to hire Thomas Sperring and Bill Foehner for snow removal at the Town Complex; date of hire is 11/13/13 at a pay rate of $10.35/hr. In addition, Jeremiah Brandt was hired as the Town’s Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer as of 12/2/13, at a pay rate of $21,450.00 per year (this will be pro-rated for the remainder of 2013). Mr. Bixby’s next motion instructed the Town Clerk to advertise the weeks of 11/17/13 and 11/24/13 that the last Town Board meeting of 2013 will be held on Monday, December 30th at 7:00p.m. The last Facilities motion appointed A.J. Alvarado to the Library Board of Trustees for a 5-year term. His term is to complete the one left open by Mike Herbert’s resignation, and will be from 10/1/13 – 5/13/17.
– Finance – Supervisor Hoffman moved to authorize the Town Supervisor to sign an agreement with EBS-RMSCO, Inc. to amend the Town’s Health Reimbursement plan document and prepare an SMM (Summary of Material Modification) at a cost of $300.00. This is necessary to keep the Health Reimbursement Arrangement compliant with the Affordable Care Act.
– Parks & Recreation – Councilman Mike Bixby made a motion for the Town Clerk to advertise for the upcoming opening on the Park Committee, due to the expiration of Andrew Mohanlall’s term on 12/31/13. The term to be filled will begin on 1/1/14 until 12/31/16, and the ad will appear in the designated papers the week of 11/17/13, with applications accepted until 12/13/13 at 4:00.
– Planning – Councilman Tom Watson moved to authorize Noah Knataitis to attend the GFLRPC Fall Regional Local Government Workshop being held at the Clarion Hotel in Batavia on 11/15/13 at a town charge of $75.00, plus other necessary expenses.
– Public Safety – Councilman Gary Orbaker made a motion for the Town Clerk to advertise an opening on the Drainage Council beginning on 1/1/14 until 12/31/16. The ad will appear in the designated Town papers the week of 11/17/13, with applications accepted until 12/5/13 at 4:00.
– Public Services – Councilman Tony Verno moved to authorize the Town Supervisor to allow the Williamson Central School District to purchase roadway salt from the Town in order to enable them to salt the school driveways and parking lots for the winter season. The cost per ton will be determined at the time of sale. Highway Superintendent Allman stated that the Town has enough salt and that the Town usually does this for the school as well as for BOCES. Councilman Orbaker made a motion to instruct the Town Clerk to advertise for a Public Informational Meeting regarding the “Safe Routes to School Sidewalk Project”. This will be held on 11/20/13 at 7:00 at the United Methodist Church, 4146 Ridge Road. This will also be on the Town’s website. Councilman Verno presented a motion to authorize the Town Supervisor to sign an agreement with Wayne County for snow & ice removal from all County roads in Williamson for the winter.
A discussion was held regarding a bus shelter in the Town which would protect residents who are waiting for the WATS bus; the RGRTA would come out and check the area for the best location as well as for the need for such a structure. The only cost to the Town would be for the platform on which it would stand. The Business Improvement District does not think there’s a need for the shelter, nor is there any room for it. Orchard Estates was mentioned as a location but WATS is not in favor of that site; perhaps the shelter could be placed behind the Town Complex. There will be additional discussion at a future date. The Board was updated on the Retrofit Vehicle Battery Project, for which the Town won a grant 2 years ago. In particular, Bill Dobie’s utility truck for the Water Department would benefit from this in that it would provide power for 4 hours if necessary. Councilman Watson shared information regarding possible changes to the Zoning Code; the Lakefront Preservation Committee is included in the proposal. A checklist will list the impact on historic buildings, and a questionnaire is to be completed by certain people in certain areas. There will be some sharing of the information with the Town Historian.
The next meeting of the Town Board will be held on 11/26/13 at 7:30, following a 7:00 workshop.
Submitted by Monica Deyo

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