Town of Walworth – Oct 17, 2013

A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Supervisor Bob Plant at 7:00 PM in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room. Meeting minutes from the October 3rd meeting were approved, as presented., as was the September Supervisor’s Report. No public comments were offered.

The board then called a recess to meet in Executive Session, regarding a collective bargaining issue at 7:31 PM, and the meeting was  called back to order at 7:56 PM.

Mr. Daniel Botsford, Health Insurance Broker of Optima benefits, was present for a healthcare discussion with the board regarding the health care reform changes. As a result, the town’s health care plans are becoming obsolete, and will require the board to choose similar new plans. Mr. Botsford recommended 3 health care plans, and one dental plan for the town, and noted that the net increase for the new proposed plans will be up 5%, or approximately $10,000.00 annually. Councilman Yale noted that the goal was to keep the town employees whole, and to offer products that cover all employee’s needs, and then made a motion to approve the proposed plans, which was approved by the board. Additionally it was noted that Mr. Botsford will return and make a formal presentation for all employees regarding the new plans before the month’s end.

Additionally, Mr. James Hayes, of Fidelity Information Services, came before the board regarding credit card payment in the Town Clerk and Receiver of Taxes offices, as well as the Sewer Department. Mr. Hayes answered varied questions such as installation charges, termination fees, system compatibility, costs, training, and contract issues. It was noted that customers who wish to use a credit card, a percentage-based convenience fee will be charged to the customer, at a rate of 2.65 of the total transaction. Debit cards can also be accepted, at a flat rate of $3.85 as a convenience fee for customers. Councilman Yale remarked this has been a “long time coming”, and offers additional choices for the citizens of Walworth.

Under Committee Reports, Councilwoman Marini reported that the Personnel Committee met and devised a holiday hours proposal for the board’s review for future action. She also reported that the town put out for bid the creation of a 12 X 12 office space in the town complex lower level within the recreation area. The low bid received was from Doan Homes for $4,800.00. Ms. Marini made a motion to approve this bid, and it was approved by the board.

Ms. Marini  eported that the 4th Annual Harvest Moon Festival will be held in Ginegaw Park on Saturday, October 18th, from 1:00-4:00 PM. The festival will include an inflatable obstacle course, a rock-climbing wall, live music all day, face painting, a magic show, hay rides, crafts, a bounce house, a petting zoo, pony rides, beer tastings, a Chili Cook-Off, carousel rides, concessions, and more! Additionally, the last farmer’s market of the season will be in full swing with everyone’s favorite fall produce. All Harvest Festival activities are FREE due to generous donations of sponsors.

Councilman Yale presented his Master Plan Work-group recommendations regarding various zoning issues to the board. He explained the supervisor-appointed work-group has been meeting and creating the proposed changes over the course of 6 months. Recommended additions to zoning laws included cluster developments, alternative energy provisions, hydro-fracking, town houses, puppy mills, moto-cross, barns, water districts, Tiffany Road and Atlantic Avenue re-zoning, Route 350 and Atlantic Avenue re-zoning, manufactured homes, a new RV campground overlay footprint, PD, and the west Walworth Sewer. Mr. Yale reviewed all recommendations, covering all the bullet point highlights of the changes or additions. Lastly he remarked that the group all worked very well together, and worked with no personal motive. The board then made approval to accept and file the document, and will further review the recommendations.

Councilman Pembroke remarked that the season-long Farmer’s Market in Ginegaw Park was a wonderful thing, and was well appreciated by the town’s citizens, along with the vendors.

Councilman Ruth reported having received a letter of resignation from Court Clerk, Ms. Linda Ingram, effective December 15th which was accepted, with regret. A second letter was reported from the Town of Walworth Justices, requesting the part-time court clerk vacancy be advertised, and their request was approved by the board. Mr. Ruth also reported that the Library Board of Trustees met, and shared a list of  safety concerns for the town board. He noted the concerns as being a need for increased parking lot lighting, the inability for library staff to lock all doors on the town complex (with exception of the main entrance) during evening hours, and inability to review security cameras prior to exiting the building. A final concern of the Library Board of Trustees was also shared, noting that there are still lingering concerns over the town board’s looking into the future of the library. In response to the safety requests, Supervisor Plant noted that unfortunately the lower level entrance cannot be locked, as it is the only handicap accessible entrance. He also agreed that library staff should have ability to review security cameras but it would have be at the library’s expense, and will require a separate computer linked to the town’s server.

Supervisor Plant reported that a request was received for a wedding which has reserved the Ginegaw Park Lodge and open-air pavilion, and will also have one outdoor tent set up. The request was for authorization for 200 guests, and the request was approved by the board.

Approved resolutions included:

– Resolution #67-13; Authorization to Accept Credit Cards as a source of payment in the Town Clerks Office, Receiver of Taxes, and Sewer Department

– Resolution #91-13; Authorization to recognize FIS Paydirect- Government as a credit card source for payment, with one change of contract verbiage

– Resolution #89-13; Authorization for Supervisor to sign the Agreement with Wayne Central School District for 2013-2014 Snow Removal Season

– Resolution # 92-13; Justice Court Audited Records

– Resolution # 93-13; Authorize Agreement with NYS Department of Conservation License Issuing Agent Agreement (DECALS) – Town Clerk’s Office

– Resolution # 90-13; Financial Transfers in the amount of $4,500.53

– Resolution #94-13; Approval of 3 medical and 1 dental plans, as presented.

– Approval of Abstract #10

No other business came before the board and the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Thursday, November 7th, at 7:30 in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room.

By Becky Block


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