Town of Walworth – Thurs., January 16, 2014

 A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Supervisor Marini at 7:30 PM in Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room. Meeting minutes from the January 2nd meeting were approved, as presented. The Supervisor’s Report was accepted, as presented, with a copy to be made available to the public. Reported correspondence included a letter from the Walworth Food Pantry, in thanks of the Christmas sharing program. Additionally Supervisor Marini introduced Mr. Donald Young as the town’s new attorney, and welcomed him to his new position. Public comment was received from a resident who requested the board speak into their mics, so as to be better heard.

Under Committee Reports, Supervisor Marini made a motion to accept and file the Certificate of Completion Continuing Judicial Education for Honorable Judge Charles Young and Honorable Judge Daniel Majchrzak, Jr.. Additionally Supervisor Marini commented that she was contacted by a resident who requested a baby changing table ought to be available at the town hall. She explained that she is looking into pricing of changing table costs, and looking for viable options for where one can be installed. Lastly Ms. Marini reported that she has contacted Wayne County Public Health in search of a Public Health Officer for the Town. Councilwoman Hawkins-Mance reported that Highway Superintendent, Mr. Mike Frederes, appointed Mr. Kevin Switzer as his Deputy Superintendent. She also made a motion for the Building Department to attend the Finger Lakes Building Officials Association, Inc. Conference, which was approved by the board. Lastly she made a motion for Highway Superintendent, Mr. Mike Frederes, to attend the Annual CHIPS Funding Conference, a budgeted item at a cost of $75.00 per day. Councilwoman Markowski commented that the Library Board, along with Ms. Wendi Coleman, did a nice job on the Library Insert for the spring Town Topics, and thanked them for putting it together for inclusion.

Councilman Pembroke made a motion to replace the Town Clerk’s Printer and Copier machine with a new HP Laser Jet machine with warranty and initial supply of ink through Integrated Systems, at a cost not to exceed $958.00. This was approved by the board, contingent upon if funding can be found due to it not being a budgeted expense.

The board :  authorized Supervisor Marini to sign Agreements with Walworth Ambulance, Inc.  for 2014; and the Catherine A. Willmott dba Advanced Occupational Services Agreement for 2014;  approved Service Award for West Walworth Fire Department and for Lincoln Fire Department;  authorized Supervisor Marini to sign an engagement letter with Boylan Code, Esq.;  authorized Supervisor Marini to sign a contract for legal services with Forenza, Ferrara, et at for contract negotiations, with one nay vote from Councilman Pembroke;   appointed  Ms. Jean Johnson, as Town Comptroller with a term to expire on 12-31-15;  authorized Supervisor Marini to sign the annual contract for software support for Municipal Accounting from Williamson Law Book, not to exceed $907.50; authorized   Highway Superintendent Mike Frederes, to go out to bid for mowers and tractors; – authorized prepayment for 3 Sewer employees to attend the Finger Lakes Water Works Conference, which will also supply employees with Continuing Education Credits, in the amount if $66.00;  authorized to prepayment for Recreation Director, Ms. Jackie VanLare, to attend the annual NYSRPS Conference in the amount of $35.00;  adopted  revised fee schedule for dog licensing to $10.00 for spayed and neutered dogs, and $19.00 for in-spayed and un-neutered dogs;  declared surplus computers being stored in the town hall’s storage area, after existing hard drives are erased or destroyed;  authorized prepayment of Board Training “Smart Management for Small Communities” in an amount not to exceed $360.00

It should be noted that Resolution # 14-14; Adoption of the 2014 Fee Schedule, was not approved, with a unanimous nay vote, due to increases up to 185% being unjustifiable, and questions were raised as to why the fee increases were rising exponentially, if they were meant to raise revenue or cover expenses.

In other business, Supervisor Marini presented two Proclamations for Mr. Robert Plant, and Mr. Thomas Yale, for their years of outstanding service to the Town of Walworth, which the board authorized the supervisor to sign. The board also approved the World of Wildlife lodge rental for a fund-raising event, and for Supervisor Marini tosign a contract with the musical group. “Group Therapy” for the Walworth Senior Citizen Picnic in an amount not to exceed $200.00.

No other business came before the board and the meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM to meet in Executive Session regarding negotiations, employee, public safety, and potential litigation matters. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Thursday, February 6th, at 7:30 PM in the Walworth Town Hall Meeting Room. Please note that during this meeting the town board will also conduct its annual Town Books Audit. By Becky Block


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