Town of Ontario Tues., May 27, 2014

 A regular meeting of the Ontario Town Board was called to order by Supervisor John Smith at 7:00 p.m. in the Ontario Town Hall.  16 residents and visitors were present at portions of the meeting.

A  public hearing was held to consider the amendment of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) known as “Centennial Village, Section 19”  to construct 15 two-family apartment buildings, for a total of 30 residential units. In comments,  Mr.  Switzer asked what land was left south of this street. This is Section 18 and Mr. Shelley wasn’t sure what was left. Mr. Switzer also asked what the timeline was for this section.  Mr. Graziose responded as soon as possible.  Hearing no further comments, Mr. Smith closed the public hearing at 7:05 p.m.

Comments from the Public – Mr. Switzer was pleased to see Mrs. Lonna Jesse’s resolution acknowledging her years of service to the Town of Ontario.

He then read a letter and submitted it from the Ontario Town Democratic Committee requesting the Town Board to conduct a public hearing to consider a local law to amend the compensation for the Town Clerk and the Superintendent of Highways for the fiscal year 2014 during their current term of office. The board  to accepted the correspondence.

The Board found that the proposed PUD Amendment for section 19 of the Centennial Village PUD will have no significant adverse impact on the environment; and, accordingly, issued a Negative Declaration of Environmental Significance. The PUD Amendment was also approved, subject to the following specific conditions: 1. All buildings are limited to 1 story, except that no more than 5 of the 15 buildings may be 2 stories, which shall be located on the west side of the private road and along the cul-de-sac. 2. All garages shall be no more than 15’ forward of the frond façade of the unit. 3. All of the single story units shall not exceed 18’ in height and all of the 2 story units shall not exceed 27’ in height. 4. All units shall be set back at least 40’ from the private road, except along the cul-de-sac, where the setback shall be at least 20’. 5. The minimum building separation shall be 15’. 6. The vegetative screening between the development and the existing Section 17

of Centennial Village shall be raised by the installation of a berm, the details of which are subject to review and approval by the Planning Board, as part of the applicant’s Site Plan application. 7. Vegetative screening shall be added for the property located at 1418 Ridge Road, the details of which are subject to review and approval by the Planning Board, as part of the applicant’s Site Plan application. 8. Signage shall be similar in style to the existing “Patriot Corner” signage, with no more than 2 signs, located as proposed by the applicant, and shall be no more than 6’ in width and 3’ in height, with stone piers. 9. Pedestrian access shall be installed along the eastern boundary of the property, tying into the stub road in Section 18 of the Centennial Village PUD. 10. An Easement shall be granted to the Town for a future sidewalk along Ridge Road, to facilitate pedestrian access to the east. 11. The applicant’s proposed development is subject to all required approvals by the Town’s Planning Board, in accordance with the provisions of the Town’s Zoning Code and Development Regulations, not inconsistent with the conditions of this approval.

A motion was made by Mr. Robusto, seconded by Mr. Ruffell, to authorize the Supervisor to enter into an agreement with the Brookwood’s Country Club to allow the Ontario Parks and Recreation Department to operate the swimming pool and surrounding facilities for the benefit of residents during the 2014 summer season as requested by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

The board read a special recognition for the service of Lonna Jesse, who served the Parks and Recreation Department from January of 1982 until her retirement on January 25, 2014,.

Reports by Town Board Members – Mr. Smith reported that Timothy Lane is progressing nicely and should be completed by the end of June.  Mr. Wager’s audit presentation has been rescheduled for the June 9th meeting. The town conducted a gasoline audit, found a few flaws and have implemented new safety and security features. Mr. Robusto recognized the members of the Board of Assessment Review who were sitting in on the meeting as it was grievance day for assessments and there was a conflict with the meeting room. They reported they had no appointments.

Comments from the Public – Mr. Switzer asked if elected county officials were involved in the wage study conducted by the county.

Mr. Smith replied no.  Mr. Jim Doyle asked if Timothy Lane was built as a commercial road. Mr. Smith replied yes.

Mr. Switzer asked if the road needed to be dedicated to be plowed.


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