Town of Ontario Mon., April 14, 2014

14 residents and visitors were present at portions of the meeting.

Comments from the Public – Richard VanHoover asked how a councilmember, in the paper for owing money to the IRS, is voting on town money matters when he can’t manage his own finances.

Mr. Robusto explained that he pays what his CPA tells him too and that he and the IRS have a difference of opinion.  They are working it out and he is confident that it will be resolved soon.

Mr. Switzer noted the passing of Carol Kuzma Holberton, former court clerk for the Ontario Justice Court.

Mr. Switzer stated that he did not agree with the town board’s decision to omit the town clerk and superintendent of highways from the amended compensation schedule at the prior meeting. He does support adjustments for these two positions which are full-time employment for the positions. He also noted that the discussion of wages & benefits for these elected officials did not occur in public session, as required by the NYS Open Meetings Law

Correspondence – The Buffalo office of the National Weather Service will be conducting a SKYWARN spotter training seminar in Lyons, at the Wayne County Emergency Operations Center on May 1st at 7 p.m. SKYWARN is a national effort to save lives during severe weather emergencies with an expanding network of trained volunteer weather spotters.The DEC is scheduling webinars on streamlined process for environmental assessment forms. If anyone is interested, please contact the clerk’s office for details.

Mr. Smith reported that the 2015 budget preparation process has begun. He has asked for audits from Parks and Recreation, Library, OVES and the two fire departments.

Mr. Catalano announced the zoning board meeting for April was cancelled. Dunkin Donuts came to the planning board for an informal discussion which went well and Mr. Bebernitz is looking into a campsite on his property.

Comments from the Public – Dan and Laurie Clocksin brought their drainage issues before the board. The Clocksins were told it was simply landscaping done by their neighbor and no permits were needed. Town codes only apply to new developments. He asked the board if this was correct. Mr. Smith doesn’t want to comment further without understanding it fully.

Laurie Clocksin stated since they were met with silence, the board must meet behind closed doors in an illegal executive session. The Clocksin’s mentioned litigation and the Attorney for the Town responded that if litigation is mentioned a Town Board may meet in executive session to discuss the issue. She also wanted to know why an engineer was not allowed to meet with them. Mr. Smith replied that the board doesn’t want to expend any more money on this issue.

Richard Doyle stated he does not care about personal issues but feels Mr. VanHoover’s mention of Mr. Robusto being in the paper was a personal attack at another town employee, Accountant Paul Liess, was also listed in the paper and not mentioned. Mr. Liess explained his situation to the audience.

Mr. Switzer stated that a joint committee from the historical/landmark preservation society, the chamber of commerce and the business improvement district is exploring costs, location and design of a community art mural in Ontario as part of the county-wide mural mania project. Mr. Switzer asked if engineer review of bids for the cooling tower is an example of “thinking outside the box” as mentioned about budgets earlier in the meeting.

Kelly Peek spoke about the sidewalk plowing issue once again and hopes that in the future it can be rectified. Laurie Clocksin asked if maintaining sidewalks is in town code as a homeowner responsibility.


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