Town of Macedon – September 12, 2013

Town of Macedon Thursday, September 12, 2013

Presentation of  Proposed Wayneport Rd. development

The Macedon Town Board met on Thursday, September 12. The board amended a Resolution on Assessment Litigation, and will participate in conjunction with Wayne Couonty adn school for the purposes of litigation involing challenges to real property assessments.

A Speed Limit reduction was requested and will be submitted to the New York State Department of Transportation for review. The request is for a speed reduction on Alderman Road/County Road 28 from Route 31 to the Macedon Town Line from 55 to 40 mph.

A public hearing was opening on the Zoning Map Amendment for a proposed development on Wayneport Road (behind the old Spinner’s Skate Rink). The proposed local law was amended to allow approximately 46.39 acres of land on the Northeast corner of Wayneport Road and Carlson Lane to be rezoned from R-22 (residential) and GC (General Commercial) to TPD (Totally Planned Development).

Bob Cantwell of BME Associates, on behalf of the applicant: Four Points Land Development, gave a presentation of the scope of the project. The property would include 21 single family homes, 72 residential townhomes a 3 story 90+ bed assisted living residence, and a 3+ acre parcel for medical/office/commercial use.

Also included in the presentation was a Marketing report and Business Plan on the Development project.

Comments from the public were mostly positive, with some saying it was one of the best plans they had seen for the areas, although there was some concern about traffic and noise.

Earlier this year, the Town of Macedon had requested a Certificate of Need to be expanded to include the Village of Macedon. That request was denied by the Department of Health and the Town believes that the decision was based on a Resolution and a letter from the Village of Macedon asking that the Dept of Health consider denying the Town’s request.

The Town of Macedon explained its actions are based on a Comptroller’s opinion and a recent court case, very similar  to the situation between the Town and Village, whereby the Town was granted a Certificate of Need.

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