Palmyra Village Board Nov. 18, 2013

A regular meeting of the village board was called to order by Mayor Piccola at 7:00 in the village hall. Abstract #6B; Vouchers 459-504, in the amount of $115,662.40 was approved, as presented, as were the meeting minutes dated November 4, 2013. Reported correspondence included a thank you letter received from Ms. Anne Faas and a letter regarding NYS Retirement Billing for 2014.
Under Board Reports, Trustee Luke reported that the sleigh ride has been arranged with Mr. Billy Kimmel and will take place on Friday, December 13th. She also noted that a Santa is still needed for the event. Additionally she reported that she contacted Mr. Jeff Siegel of the Active Captain web site. Mr. Siegel responded that the company is working on simplifying the website and will soon be implementing the ability to add data (events) soon.
Trustee Perry reported that the fire department took AP-1 out for repair, and it has been determined a rear alignment is needed, as well as 8 replacement rear tires. The work is expected to be completed by mid week.
Trustee Nolan reported that the Wastewater Treatment Plant performed all maintenance for the month of October and had no safety violations. The water department performed repairs and maintenance and the DPW made water main leak repairs, and had no safety violations during the month of October.
Deputy Mayor Husk reported on the Main Street lighting issues. He reported that Vertex Lighting determined that pole spacing is playing a part in the lighting issues, and is looking further into a solution. Regarding the light post damaged in an accident, the insurance claim is being researched and will be rectified as soon as possible. Additionally Trustee Husk reported that the Prospect Hill firewood letters were mailed out to prospective buyers, and newspaper advertising has also begun. Village Clerk, Ms. Alicia Lynch, noted that a typographical error is being corrected to read that the “highest” bidder will be awarded.
Mayor Piccola reported that leaf pick-up is continuing and one extra brush pick-up run was made during the month due to cooperative weather. Regarding the proposed Peddler Permit, it was noted that the Village Attorney did not have a copy of the most recently updated code book. Despite the setback, the public hearing has been set for Monday, December 2nd, and is not going to be delayed as a result.
Under new business, the board approved an $8,500.00 budget transfer to cover the retirement shortage. Additionally a resolution was approved to designate a smoking area outside of the fire hall next to the pump station. An update on the fire department’s new “IamResponding” software. It was noted that the system is working well, and a big improvement over the old system. Volunteer firefighters in attendance also remarked that the system has the capability to offer even more functionality and the department is working on integrating all facets. It was also noted that internet connectivity has been an issue at the department, and after discussing the problems the department is experiencing, Trustee Perry suggested that he suspects the department may need to upgrade its service.
A discussion was also conducted between the village board and firefighters and auxiliary members regarding the posting of “No Smoking” signs indoors and outdoors at the fire hall. After looking into the matter it was determined that the signs were purchased and posted without permission of the village board, which is required for village-owned property. Since that time it was reported the signs have been taken down, and Trustee Husk noted that Mr. Gary Hoskins, the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, will make the repairs to the masonry, paint, and will re-weld the fire door where the signs hung. Chief Warren Frederick offered volunteerism from the fire department to make the repairs, and Trustee Husk recommended the chief contact Mr. Hoskins to work out the details.
In other business, Chief Frederick reported that a Pennsylvania fire department has showed interest in purchasing the department’s old pant and coat sets for $25.00 each, and he will follow up on the interest. Trustee Husk then asked for clarification from Chief Fredericks regarding the Times report of the Macedon Village board meeting on November 13th, in which a motion was approved to sign a 24-7-365 contract for automatic mutual aid between the Macedon Fire Department and the Palmyra Fire Department, authorizing Mayor Cramer to sign said agreement. Mayor Piccola explained that he feels strongly regarding the topic, stating, “I need both parties to understand that we don’t sign contracts for fire protection, we sign mutual aid agreements for the protection of our residents, businesses, and properties, and for the protection of our surrounding communities.” Concerns against this decision were voiced by the board. Trustee Husk remarked that he supports all fire departments and their volunteers, and is concerned that the timing of this automatic mutual aid may appear political, and that is not the wish of the board. Chief Fredericks replied that the discussion between the fire chiefs indicated the automatic mutual aid would be beneficial for both departments as volunteerism is depleted during daytime hours due to many firefighters in all departments working during the daytime hours. He also clarified that protocol for setting a mutual aid agreement in place begins with an agreement between fire departments, and when the municipalities authorize said agreements, then the mutual aid agreement will go onto the 911 board. He explained the automatic mutual aid would tone out both departments simultaneously and both would respond to both fire and recuse calls. If it is determined that the additional support is not needed, the second department would be free to return to its home base. Mayor Piccola indicated that he would like to see the same agreement in place with the other neighboring fire departments. (Marion, East Palmyra, and Port Gibson) He explained it seems wasteful to call upon Macedon to respond to a call on the far east side of Palmyra, when it would be much more reasonable to have a closer department respond. He suggested reasonable boundaries perhaps come into play when considering this option. Chief Warren also suggested times could be specified for the automatic mutual aid to be in effect, during the daytime hours when volunteerism capabilities are lower. Chief Fredericks plans to continue to look into mutual aid agreements in order to provide the best fire protection for the community, and surrounding communities.
No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Monday, December 2nd at 7:00 PM in the Palmyra Village Hall.
By Becky Block

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