Palmyra Village Board Mon. June 2, 2014

A regular meeting of the village board was called to order by Mayor Piccola at 7:00 in the Village Hall. Meeting minutes dated May 19, 2014, were approved, as presented. During public comment, a resident asked if the village will be hiring a Police Sergeant, and Mayor Piccola confirmed the village will be hiring a Sergeant, in order to bring the police force back to a total of 5 officers. It was then asked if it is true that the new Police Chief is allowed to drive a police car to and from Mt. Morris, and if the village looked into hiring retired officers for a lesser cost, and it was explained that the village board has entered into a contract, which is a union contract, negotiated by the board whom was elected to conduct such negotiations.

Regarding the use of a police car, it was confirmed the police chief has that option available for a limited period of time. Trustee Husk remarked that the village board made its decisions based on providing safety for its residents, while remaining fiscally prudent. Mayor Piccola then encouraged all residents who have concerns over taxes and budget items to attend budget workshops and budget hearings.

Ms. Marilyn Burke, of the Wayne County Office for the Aging came before the board with an offer to donate a window unit air conditioner for the Sexton Building Community Room, as it gets warm during public events, especially if the kitchen is in use. Mayor Piccola thanked Ms. Burke, and said the village will get in touch to go over the specifics.

Mayor Piccola reported that the village did very well at the auction, netting a total of $207,998.00 from the sale of 3 pieces of equipment. Additionally he reported that the cemetery drainage issue has been resolved after the Highway Department removed a sizable tree, and also detected a 55 gallon drum and road sign blocking the culvert, which were removed. Lastly he reported that

Deputy Mayor Husk shared that he met with Mr. Robbins of Spring Street with Superintendent Hopkins. As a result of the meeting, he noted that a list of needs is to be assembled and the situation will be taken care of.

Trustee Nolan reported that a water leak at a Market Street residence, owned by Mr. John Burditt, was detected in the upper apartment from March 29th through April 17th. Mr. Burditt stated that the water was shut off to the upper apartment, as it was vacant.

Representatives from the Wayne County Water Department stated that the water meter is a Badger model, operating on positive displacement, which means the meter only reads if water flows through. It is apparent there was no standing water, however, the board stated that the only way to determine if the meter was faulty would be for the homeowner to pay a $100 fee to have the meter tested, noting if the meter is found to be faulty, the village would pay the testing fee and would likely reverse charge on the bill.

Ultimately, Mayor Piccola explained that this decision can only be made by the property owner.

Mr. John VanParys then gave a presentation to the board regarding the village insurance policies.

Under old and new business, the board approved the following items:

– Approval to award Blue Heron Construction, Inc. as low bidder for the Sewer Digestor Project, in the amount of $100,711.00

– Motion approved to allow no parking by police enforcement during the 3 day Gus Macker Tournament

– Approval to allow the Gus Macker Tournament to hang a sign on the Village Park gate

– Approval to renew the village insurance quote with VanParys Insurance Company and accept their quote in the amount of $52,805.00

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM to meet in Executive Session regarding a contractual police issue. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Monday, June 16th at 7:00 PM in the Palmyra Village Hall. By Becky Block


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