Marion Town Board Mon., Feb. 10 , 2014

A regular meeting of the Marion Town Board was called to order at 7:00 PM in the Marion Municipal Building by Supervisor Deyo. Meeting minutes from January 13th, were approved, as presented. Reports for December, 2013 were approved from the Code Enforcement Officer, the Treasurer, the Assessor, and the Wayne County Sheriff. Approved January, 2014 reports were approved from the Town Clerk, Town Justices, and the Library Director. Correspondence reported included a letter from the Marion Fire Department announcing their newly elected 2014 officers, and a letter from Time Warner Cable regarding programming changes. Also received was a letter of resignation from Mr. Justin Devlin from his Summer Recreation Director position, and within he then recommended his Head Counselor to act as his replacement. Multiple pieces of correspondence were also received regarding the water extension projects. A public comment was received, asking which town board member is following the new Amish Store project, to be sure the project is not held up. Supervisor Deyo explained that she is the designated board representative, and explained that the only hold-up is an environmental concern, which the proprietor is currently working on.

Supervisor Deyo shared the 2014 board designations, which were approved during the last board meeting, as follows: Deputy Supervisor- LaVerne Bliek; Water, Sewer, and Town Clerk- Supervisor Deyo (Co-Chair- LaVerne Bliek); Public Safety, Judicial, and Library- Mike Fonte (Co-Chair- Linda Lee); Parks, Recreation, and Assessor- Nathan Kauffman (Co-Chair- Monica Deyo); Historian, Zoning, and Planning- Linda Lee (Co-Chair- Nathan Kauffman); Highway and Drainage- Laverne Bliek (Co-Chair- Mike Fonte). She also noted that the Annual Finger Lakes Ambulance Report for 2013 was received, reporting a total of 44 calls from within the Town of Marion, with an average response time of 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

Councilman Fonte remarked that the replacement of the damaged ‘Welcome to Marion’ road sign is being replaced, and will include 18 advertising banner opportunities on the sign, at a one-time cost of $40.00 each.

Under business, the board approved resolutions and business items:

Authorization for an agreement with Advanced Occupational Service for drug and alcohol testing for the Town of Marion Employees

Acceptance of an Engineering Planning Study Amendment for the Waste Water Treatment Plant from the MRB Group at a cost of $6,200.00

Acceptance of the service agreement proposal from Lang Heating and Cooling in the amount of $295.00 for the oil water boiler in the sewer plant.

Authorization for Supervisor Deyo to extend the extension of the New York State Agreement Contract C1000074 for the 2011-2012 Local Government Efficiency Grant Program

Approval for the Appointment of Supervior Monica Deyo as the Fair Housing/Anti-Displacement Plan- Fair Housing Officer

Authorization to hold a Public Hearing for Local Law #1 of 2014 regarding the change of Grievance Day from the fourth Tuesday of May to the Thursday following the fourth Tuesday in May

Authorization of the appointment of Mr. Robert Burns to the Wayne County Planning Board, effective immediately and expiring on April 30, 2015

Authorization and acceptance for the Legal Services Agreement with regard to the the NE Water District Phase 3 with Nesbitt & Williams

Authorization for Financial Consulting Services for NE water District Phase 3, with Bernard P. Donegan, Inc.

Authorization of a Proposal of Services with Stuart I. Brown Associates, Inc. for a Revised Environmental Review- SEQR for NE Phase 3 and Joint Owls Nest Area Water Project at cost not to exceed $2,200.00

Authorization for Supervisor Deyo to sign the Final Funding Application with Rural Development for NE Water District Phase 3

Authorization of Advertising for 2014 Recreation Programmer

Authorization of Advertising for a Concession Stand Operator, Baseball Supervisor, and Soccer Supervisor

Authorization of Advertising for Night Park Supervisor

Authorization to hire Mr. Steven Taber as Park Inspector for 2014 at a re-numeration of $10.00 per inspection

– Authorization for Advertising for a vacant position on the Board of Assessment Review, which meets annually in May

Approval to waive future sewer penalties for Brenda Zeigler, of 3694 South Main Street, until the outstanding current charges are paid in full

Authorization for Supervisor Deyo to sign the speed reduction request from the current speed limit of 50 mph to 40 mph on Skinner Road , to increase safety, to be presented to the Wayne County Highway Department

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM . The next meeting of the Marion Town Board will be a work session, to be held on Monday, March 3rd at 7:00 in the Marion Municipal Building, wherein an Audit of the Town Books shall also occur.     By Becky Block

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