Macedon Village Board Wed., May 28, 2014

A regular meeting of the Village Board was called to order by Mayor Cramer at 7:00 in the Village Hall. Trustee Sliney requested that when a board vote is not unanimous, that the meeting minutes should reflect how the board members voted. He explained that he would like it available to the public as to how their elected officials voted. The abstract dated May 30th in the amount of $27,126.78 was also approved, with changes.

Mayor Cramer reported that the Code Enforcement Officer, Mr. Don Morrill, has accepted a new position and is no longer with the village. A job search will be conducted and in the meantime the Town of Farmington will be supplying mutual aid to the village.

Trustee Nelson gave kudos to the DPW on the new signage and summer preparations. He also shared that the Planning Board had a successful meeting and approved a new holiday schedule for village employees, which was well received. The Village Concert Series will be held on June 12th from 6-8 PM at the Gazebo, and on June 13th the Movie in the Park playing “Hotel Transylvania” at Gravino Park. She also reported that vendors are needed for the Village Sidewalk Sale, and anyone interested should contact Mr. John Cieslinski at Books, Etc.. Additionally she noted that the Butterfly Trail was featured in a NYS Tourism brochure.

Trustee Sliney asked how the Village Clerk search has been going, and offered his availability to participate in the interviews. He also asked for the status of the breakdown of costs regarding the boat dock grant. Mayor Cramer stated the state representative is out of the office and she has thus been unable to obtain the necessary breakdown. Trustee Sliney noted this grant was disapproved by the board on March 26th and yet the issue is still continuing into June. He also questioned why the village did not apply for the grant for the sewer digestor that the Village of Palmyra is applying for. Village Engineer, Dan Cornwall, explained that he suspected it was due to the median income of the Village of Macedon being higher than that of the Village of Palmyra.

Trustee Sliney then noted that he read the Mayor’s reply to the Times of Wayne County’s coverage of an unannounced meeting wherein Mayor Cramer threatened to have Trustee Lohse arrested if he did not leave, despite being invited by an attendee, Mr. Jeff Beckenbach. Trustee Sliney questioned why the Mayor did not address [in her reply] why she threatened to have a Village Trustee arrested for trespassing. Mayor Cramer replied that he could have asked her this question in private, and  remarked that she would not be answering because she was uncomfortable. She did maintain that it had been an announced meeting. Trustee Sliney pressed that he is uncomfortable with her course of action. He noted that in the Mayor’s response  did not address why she chose to have Trustee Lohse removed.

For discussion, Trustee Sliney introduced the topic of the village e-mail system, which reportedly costs around $2,800.00 a month. Sliney felt the  system has proven to be ineffective due to ongoing issues, even after seeking tech support. It was agreed that those who are still experiencing difficulties with the e-mail system will seek support from   again, and if there is no resolve then the topic can be re-introduced. Lastly Trustee Sliney thanked the Deputy Village Clerk for making a booklet of all village office procedures, outlined step by step, in the event office personnel are out sick.

Trustee Lohse reported that he has spoken with residents who suggested the Fire Department, which is a public building, be used as a public restroom and shower facility, instead of building a comfort station to the tune of $40,000- $50,000. Mayor Cramer replied she would look into the possibility. Trustee Kelly remarked that the public has actually taken advantage of the facility in the past. He also suggested that the digital sign which was purchased for the Fire Department could be used to generate revenue by selling advertising opportunities on it. Trustee Nelson suggested perhaps a car show would be a possibility to fund raise through selling concessions.

A discussion regarding the Macedon Village Ambulance service was introduced by Trustee Sliney. Sliney reminded the village board that during the budget meeting the board agreed to reevaluate the service every month, however it has been 4 months since that discussion and no evaluation has occurred. According to Trustee Sliney, the ambulance service receives an average of less than two calls weekly. Trustee Lohse added that the village pays out approximately $5,500.00 monthly for the ambulance service, and suggested that the village return to an all volunteer service in order to save the village money. Mayor Cramer agreed to collect the data and the discussion will then continue at the next board meeting.

Village Engineer, Mr. Dan Cornwall, reported that the digestor is being emptied in order to do an internal diagnosis to determine what is wrong, and will then modify the environmental report for submission. He also noted that the tour and presentation of the Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Plant was very impressive and informative, and he was very impressed. He said he will look into the bill for the generator. Trustee Lohse asked if any progress has been made regarding the water tower, and Mr. Cornwall explained that nothing has been done as of late, with the major focus has being on the Wastewater Treatment Plant, however he noted the next step will be a hydro flow test.

DPW Superintendent, Mr. Dave LeMoyne, reported that the Water Department installed a new fire hydrant and repaired a fallen telephone line. The Wastewater Plant has had its generator installed, but it is not yet operational. Additionally the gas supply has been hooked up, and now the department is awaiting manufacturer training. Storm drains have been cleaned, maintenance and repairs have been done, plows have been repaired. Regarding summer prep, the department has put out flowers, trash receptacles, benches, flags, and photo boards.

Under new business, Trustee Sliney made a motion to dissolve the use of the village’s e-mail system. Trustee Lohse and Trustee Sliney voted in favor, but the motion was ultimately not approved.

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM for the board to meet in Executive Session regarding a pending litigation issue. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, June 11th at 7:00 PM in the Macedon Village Hall. By Becky Block 


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