Macedon Village Board Wed.., May 14, 2014

A regular meeting of the Village Board was called to order by Mayor Cramer at 7:00 in the Village Hall. Meeting minutes and Organizational Meeting Minutes dated April 23, 2014 were approved, with corrections noted by Trustee Sliney and Trustee Lohse. Clarification of board approval needed before grant applications and funds are spent were requested to be  in the minutes, and Trustee Sliney requested that nay votes be noted in meeting minutes in order for all items to be officially on the record.

The Special Meeting Minutes dated May 7th were then approved, as presented. The abstract dated May 14th in the amount of $46,693.72 was also approved. Trustee Lohse questioned the total number of ambulance calls for the month of April, as the monthly staffing cost paid out was $5,700.00. Public comment was heard, asking whether the sewer litigation will ever come to a close, and Trustee Sliney remarked that a resolution is closer now than it has been to date. A second resident asked why the Deputy Clerk Treasurer is not being named as the permanent Clerk Treasurer. Trustee Sliney explained the village is currently looking to fill the position.

Mayor Cramer thanked North Star Auto Electric for sponsoring flowers which will be placed in the village for the spring and summer. She also noted that a remembrance service will be held at the corner of Routes 350 and 31 on Friday, May 23rd in remembrance of Sandra Cervone Sollie, who went missing 20 years ago and was never found. Those wishing to attend are encouraged to bring white candles for the service. Additionally, she shared that calendar of events is available in the Village Hall. Mayor Cramer explained that the village will be recognized for its volunteerism and the butterfly trail project, as a “Best Practice” by the state.

Trustee Nelson reported that the Zoning/Planning Board is looking to update  zoning codes for future use. Trustee Lohse replied that he has been contacted by a property owner who has concerns that zoning changes may affect his property values. Trustee Sliney asked for verification that any changes to zoning would need to be reviewed in a public hearing, which Trustee Nelson confirmed. However, Trust Lohse recommended that Special Use Permits be used in place of changes to zoning, as it will allow the village to maintain better control over future projects. Trustee Nelson expressed a desire to discuss with the board their opinions, negative or positive, regarding the LWRP (Local Waterfront Revitalization Program) project. In short, the board expressed that they have requested presentations to the village board to be kept abreast, however they said Mayor Cramer has told board members they ought to attend the steering committee meetings. Trustee Lohse explained that the village trustees would have been members of the Planning Board had they been able to attend the additional meetings, and that the village board ought to be kept abreast of the progress.

Under updates, Mayor Cramer explained that the Steering Committee Meeting was productive, and that the village board will meet in Executive Session to discuss what will be done as a next step. She also announced that the planning Board vacancy has been filled by Mr. Jeffrey Greapentrog, who is an environmental engineer by trade.

Under old business, the board  approved the application of Mr. Daniel List to the Fire department at the recommendation of the Assistant Fire Chief, Officer Guillermo Demchuck.

Trustee Lohse  questioned why the state has not received a letter of rejection regarding the grant which the village voted to deny 4 weeks ago. Mayor Cramer explained that she has been busy with other items. Trustee Nelson explained as the newly appointed Parks Commissioner he has some ideas for the parks, and mentioned he would like to discuss his ideas with the board. He noted the grant was for $42,000.00, with a 50/50 match, leaving the village with a $21,000.00 responsibility. Again Trustee Kelly reiterated that architectural planning was required prior to any improvements, and the village board expressed that to spend money on more plans was a waste of taxpayer money. “I do not want to spend more money to be tied up in studies,” remarked Trustee Kelly. He continued that Mayor Cramer originally said a decision needed to me made and was time-stamped, without having received any actual breakdown of costs. Mayor Cramer claimed that she spoke to an architect, asking if $42,000.00 would cover the 3 plans that the state requires (the wall repair, the docks, and a comfort station). Trustee Sliney pointed out that this has been discussed and voted down by the board and is being discussed again, and that he does not need to see a breakdown of costs due to the fact that he knows the village cannot afford it. He pointed out that any LWRP grants will require a 50/50 match and that, because of that fact, every time a project comes up, the village will be responsible for half. Trustee Lohse made a motion that the mayor needs to send the letter of rejection to the state rejecting the grant within two business days. The board then voted 3 nay votes, and 2 yes votes, on the motion. Trustee Nelson asked if it would be possible to get a breakdown of costs for the architectural plans, and also the construction costs in time for the next meeting. Mayor Cramer and Trustee Nelson agreed to look into it.

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 8:47 PM for the board to meet in Executive Session regarding pending litigation and employee benefits. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, May 28th at 7:00 PM in the Macedon Village Hall.

By Becky Block


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