Macedon Village Board Wed., July 23, 2014

A much anticipated meeting of the Macedon Village Board was called to order by Deputy Mayor, Dave Kelly, at 7:00 in the Village Hall, as Mayor Cramer was absent. Many town and village residents, as well as emergency personnel, were present to discuss the unfortunate 911 call  Jan Worden made for her husband on July 12th, when he began displaying signs of a heart attack. Mrs. Worden came before the board to explain the difficulties that followed her call for help.

When Mrs. Worden, alongside her daughter, dialed 911, they requested the Town of Macedon Ambulance. Despite their wishes, it was determined that their location was within the village boundaries. As a result of their location, protocol was to tone out the village ambulance service first, the fly car second, followed by a call of mutual aid to the Town of Ontario, with each call spaced out at 3 minute intervals until emergency personnel were able to respond.

Due to the quick thinking of her daughter, Carrie Bowers, a Macedon Town Ambulance member, the pair moved  Wayne Worden (whose blood pressure was plummeting) across the village/town border, where the Macedon Town Ambulance rig (with ALS support) was waiting to assist.

The outcome was, fortunately, a good one. Mr. Worden was rushed to Rochester General Hospital, where a cardiac surgeon was waiting to rush the patient into an operating room, and today he is resting comfortably at home, recovering. The doctor, however, cautioned he had been extremely lucky.

Had Mr. Worden arrived even 15 minutes later, his doctor cautioned he would likely not be alive today.  Mr. Worden arrived in a full blown global MI, due to a blockage of blood flow to his heart.

Grateful her husband is alive, but dissatisfied with the “protocol”, Mrs. Worden dug deeper to learn that, due to the ongoing struggles between the town and village governments,  patient care and common sense were lost in the shuffle. When the Town of Macedon began its Town-wide ambulance service, a mutual aid agreement was not effectively put into place on record. Although a paid, 24-7 ALS Ambulance is always on duty within the town boundaries, the town’s application for an Ambulance Service Certificate to include the area of the village was denied by the Department of Health. Meanwhile the village ambulance holds a certificate allowing them within the confines of both the village, as well as the town. The town then filed a lawsuit, arguing the fact that the village residents also pay for the town ambulance, and therefore they ought to enjoy the benefits of its service, should need present itself. The lawsuit was won and went into effect on Monday, July 21st. Despite the victory, the 911 protocol remains: the town and village do not receive simultaneous tone-outs for ambulance calls. It leaves the two boards responsible for making the change, and this is why residents were demanding answers.

Mrs. Worden challenged the board: “Who gives a rip about protocol when you’re having a heart attack? I’ve lived here 46 years and I could care less about politics! But if you’ve got to call to Ontario, then you are not putting the needs of the residents first. If you can’t run it, and run a class act, get out of the game!”

Residents agreed, addressing the board, stating that the residents should come first, and differences ought to be set aside. Town resident, Ms. Renee Hermann, stated that she met with town and village officials over 6 months ago regarding this issue, and yet it continues to remain the same. “We have a town full of residents and a school full of children to protect. Something needs to change, tonight.”

Village Ambulance EMT, Mr. Cory Trapiss, was on the scene that day. He maintained that a full crew was assembling, and once on the scene, would have called for ALS backup. “Don’t put this all on the village, saying the village did a bad thing. We did exactly what we do all the time.”

Macedon Town Ambulance Director, Mr. Paul Harkness, spoke to the village board, stating that the two entities need automatic mutual aid. He shared that he has spoken with the mayor regarding providing crew sharing, and invited all crew members, stating he would never turn away help on a scene. “When it comes to the care of the residents in both the town and village, care should be the priority.”

Macedon Village Deputy Mayor, Dave Kelly, spoke of the initial news coverage in the Times of Wayne County stating, “In my opinion this wasn’t a newsworthy story at that time because there were 4 entities involved: the village, town, 911, and the victim himself. Now that the problem is over with, we would like to work it out. I always put in my time for Macedon; not the village and not the town.”

Trustee Sliney contributed that the costs to run the village ambulance service are exorbitant, meanwhile village residents pay for both the town and village ambulance services. In addition volunteerism is down, which contributes to the disappearance of volunteer ambulance services. He also noted that the village board has sat through two presentations from residents who have suggested the ambulance be done away with. On the heels of the board returning its ambulance service to being fully volunteer-based on July 9th, with no paid services, he made a motion that the village ambulance be fully dissolved, with the two owned rigs and fly car being sold and funds returned to the village. With no second to his motion, Trustee Sliney then made a second motion, which he stated would “satisfy both patient need and the village volunteers”. The motion put forth by Trustee Sliney was to formally establish simultaneous, dual tone-out mutual aid for the town and village ambulance services. The board approved this resolution, with 4 “yes” votes, and applause from the gathered crowd.

After the vote was complete, a concerned resident questioned the board, “Can Mayor Cramer return and overrule this decision?” and the board assured them that she would be legally unable to overturn the decision, as it had passed with a majority vote.

Macedon Police Chief, Officer John Colella, came before the board requesting that the board please remind the mayor that the radio license ownership transfer is still in need of being signed off on, noting he has [to date] waited a year, requesting that this be done as soon as possible.

Trustee Nelson shared that he is awaiting a security and solar lighting quote for the possible boat launch, and that the sick day handbook has been drafted to be sent to the comptroller’s office. Village Deputy Clerk, Ms. Kathy Reilly, reported that the total for the BOA Grant Paperwork payroll is approximately $42,000.00, to be paid out of grant funds.  Deputy Mayor Kelly reported that notification will be mailed to property owners, alerting them of possible water leaks at their properties, which have been detected. He shared that the Sewer Department has the digester back in service, has completed cleaning, and sent one load of sludge to the landfill. Trustee Lohse reported that the torn up blacktop on Kemp Drive needs to be addressed, and will follow up with DPW Superintendent, Mr. Dave LeMoyne, after he returns from vacation.

Fire Chief, Mr. Tim Wilcox, reported that the hydrant adapters are presently being shipped and will be installed in short order, and also that the department has a perspective buyer for the quint. He noted that the department membership voted during its last meeting in favor of continuing as a volunteer agency.  Under business, the board approved that Mayor Cramer attend the Canal Society of NY Conference in Geneva, at a cost of $285.00.

Public comment was received from Mr. Jerry Lohse, a former Village DPW employee. He noted that he has received several calls from prior DPW team members, who needed to speak with him since he has left regarding various processes, projects, etc. Mr. Lohse noted that ordinarily he would not think twice about helping out the team, however upon his resignation, he was incredibly dissatisfied with how Mayor Cramer failed to handle the matter of his entitled vacation pay to his satisfaction, and now feels as though any pro bono assistance is unfortunately not something he is willing to offer. He shared with the board that, as a result of the way things were left, he will have to request a $50 per hour consultation fee in the future, for any assistance he may provide. The board agreed to relay this to the mayor and that the matter will be re-visited.

The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, August 13th at 7:00 PM in the Macedon Village Hall.       By Becky Block 


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