Macedon Village Board – Sept 25, 2013

A regular meeting of the board was called to order by Mayor Cramer at 7:00 in the village hall. Meeting minutes dated September 11, 2013 were approved, with two changes. The abstract dated September 27th, in the amount of $34,481.01 was also approved, as presented.

During trustee & department head reports, Mayor Cramer reported that she received a legal letter regarding the sewer litigation with the town, stating that depositions will be starting up again. She noted that the village has filed a motion to dismiss, however the judge has requested a meeting with himself, the town, and village to occur on November 18th. Mayor Cramer also reported that the village received an e-mail from a concerned town resident who questioned the village regarding the 911 ambulance litigation. In response she met with the resident and explained the details. She also reiterated that the current protocol for 911 is as follows: A call received within the village will result in the village ambulance will be toned out first, and if the village is unable to respond the town will then be toned out. If the town is unable to respond, then the next closest available ambulance service will respond. She also commented that the town misled the public citing a 911 call for a 2 year-old child where the village ambulance took 28 minutes to respond. She then clarified that this instance occurred 2 years ago and this was before there were paid staff in the ambulance department. Lastly Mayor Cramer reported that the next BOA Steering Committee meetings will be held on November 4th and 6th, and a BOA Steering Committee Presentation will be given in the Village Fire Hall on October 23rd , during the village board meeting.

Deputy Mayor Bassage reported that the Get to Know Your Neighbor Picnic will be held on October 5th and the Village Scarecrow event will begin next week. Residents are encouraged to decorate a scarecrow along Main Street and/or in their yards. It was also noted that submissions for residents caught being a good neighbor, or going the extra mile in a volunteer capacity, etc. are being accepted at the village hall, and Certificates of Recognition will be presented to the recipients during the October 5th Picnic.

Trustee Dave Sliney reported that he is continuing to look into getting quotes for the village hall security cameras.
Fire Chief Tim Wilcox reported that a computer issue at the fire department has been resolved, and noted that the department received 12 calls during the month of September. Additionally he noted that all fleet trucks are now back in service, all maintenance has been completed, and additional training has been conducted at the donated home on Route 31. Additionally a paramedic resignation was accepted, effective October 17, 2013.

Superintendent of the DPW, Dave LeMoyne reported that the Highway Department has been keeping busy with mowing, trimming, and brush clean-up, making repairs on an overhead door, truck maintenance and repairs, pouring 3 cemetery headstone foundations, and conducting 1 burial. He also reported that the Sewer Department had a 3-way valve replaced, a plant water line leak was located and replaced, and 4 loads of sludge were taken to the landfill, one per week. Lastly he noted that the Water Department has made repairs at homes and businesses, and that 330 new water meters have been replaced to date.

Code Enforcement Officer, Don Morrill, reported that inspections at the Kemp Drive home construction are ongoing, various permits have been issued,throughout the village, and some permits have been closed out. Mr. Morrill also spoke with the Department of Health regarding an in-home daycare business, and also that the new Salvatore’s Pizzeria is experiencing some sewer problems. A call from a concerned resident was also reported over concerns of an in home gun business. Mr. Morrill followed up on the complaint and determined this is not so. Lastly he reported that the new home being built on Kemp Drive is still in need of being issued a house number, and suggested a solution be agreed upon based on recommendations from the County 911, and the Village Fire Chief, Tim Wilcox.

Village Engineer, Dan Cornwall, met at Macedon Manor regarding easements and property lines to resolve issues. He noted there is no word on the CFA Grant application but did receive letters of support for the project from Senator Nozzolio and Assemblyman Oaks.

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM, for the board to then meet in Executive Session regarding pending litigation. The next regular meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, October 9th at 7:00 PM in the Macedon Village Hall.
By Becky Block

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