Macedon Town Board Thurs., July 10, 2014

Supervisor Hammond called to order a regular meeting of the board at 7:30 PM in the Macedon Town Hall. Meeting minutes from the June 26, 2014 board meeting were approved, as presented, as were the Town Clerk’s May and the Building & Zoning 2nd Quarterly Reports.

Public comment was received from 2 out of 4 applicants who submitted sealed bids for the Recreational Photography contract. Both applicants came before the board in order to summarize their bids and also to answer any questions the board may have for them.

At 7:35 a Public Hearing was called to order to hear public comment on proposed local law #2, authorizing purchasing based on Best Value. It was noted that the proposed local law will allow purchase contracts to be awarded on the basis of best value; allowing greater flexibility to optimize quality, cost, and efficiency among responsive and responsible offerers. No public comments were offered and the hearing was closed at 7:40 PM.

A presentation regarding MS4 was given  by Mr. Mike Simon of BME Associates. He explained the MS4 is the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems, and is typically found in urban communities. He said that the Town was state mandated to participate due to the population density in areas of town such as the Gananda subdivision. Therefore, the Town of Macedon is now a member of the 9 municipality Ontario Storm Water Coalition, which is a benefit due to the capability for the individual municipalities to share resources and assets within the coalition. Mr. Simon shared that the 6 Minimum Measures of the MS4 Coalition include: Public Education & Outreach, Public Participation & Public Involvement, Elicit Discharge & Elimination, Construction Site Runoff Controls, Post-Construction Monitoring Systems, and Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping. Additionally, Mr. Simon warned that within the next few years all 9 members of the coalition’s MS4 accounts will likely be audited by the NYS DEC. In response to concerns shared by the coalition’s members regarding a growing fund balance from annually paid dues, Mr. Simon stated that a mini grant program has begun in an effort to return surplus funds to the municipalities which will help aid the community’s MS4 projects.

During the Round Table portion of the meeting, Supervisor Hammond thanked the Highway Department for their landscaping work they competed at Town Hall. He reminded the community that the 1st annual Lobster Bake will be held on Saturday, August 2nd at the Macedon Center Fire Department. Pre-sale tickets are available for purchase until July 19th, and will guarantee a dinner. Tickets are for $30 each and include 2 whole lobsters, corn on the cob, salt potatoes, a roll and a can of soda or tea. More information is available on the town’s web site at

Councilwoman Pagano shared the Village Sewer Report with the board and that the annual Canal Bike Trek will be passing through Macedon on Tuesday,   July 15 between 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM. She also thanked the Macedon trails Committee for their help in organizing the event and marking Macedon as a water stop along the trail for approximately 500 bicyclists, annually.

Councilman Kenyon shared that he attended a presentation regarding leasing, which was very informative.

Highway Superintendent, Mr. Dick Roets, shared that the box culvert work has begun on Canandaigua Road, and that the road will likely re-open to traffic during the beginning of August, and noted that the project is going well.

Town Attorney, Mr. Anthony Villani recommended that the Trinity Consultants  $9,700.00 proposal be accepted, as presented.

The board then approved the following business items and resolutions:

– Approval to adopt the new Procurement Policy, as presented, effective immediately

– Approval to adopt the Wayne County Multi-Jurisdictional All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

– Approval to hire KCI Engineering for a Professional Service Contract, effective July 9, 2014, subject to attorney approval

– Approval to award the Recreation Photography to Amazing Memories, as per the provided quote

– Approval to authorize Police Chief, John Colella, to hire Officer Dave Dalton as a Part Time Town of Macedon Police Officer, at a rate of pay to be determined, effective July 11, 2014

– Approval to appoint Ms. Victoria Russell to the position of a Part Time Seasonal Highway Department employee at a salary of $10.00 per hour, not to exceed 30 hours per week, effective July 7, 2014, with a comment from Councilman Kenyon stating that Ms. Russell will be a tremendous asset to the town.

– Approval to submit the Farmland Protection Grant Submission of the Thomas Littlefield Farm to the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets Farmland Protection Implementation Grant Round #13, with Supervisor Hammond authorized to execute any agreements and/or documents necessary on behalf of the town

– Approval to adopt Local Law #2, authorizing purchasing based on Best Value which will take effect upon filing with the Secretary of State

– Approval to adopt legislation authorizing the Town of Macedon take advantage of  best value prices of Piggyback Purchasing Practices for Best Value, which will allow public agencies additional opportunities to purchase products and services in an efficient and cost-saving manner

– Approval of a proposed contract with Trinity Consultants in the amount of $9,700.00, authorizing Supervisor Hammond to sign, for a feasibility study

The next Macedon Town Board meeting will be held on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 7:30 PM in the Macedon Town Hall.

By Becky Block

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