Macedon Town Board Thurs., Feb. 13 , 2014

Supervisor Hammond called to order a regular meeting of the board at 7:30 PM in the Macedon Town Hall. Meeting minutes from both the January 23, 2014 board meeting and the February 12, 2014 (special joint meeting) were approved, as presented. January reports were received from the Town Clerk, the Historian, and the Police Department, which were approved as presented.

During the Round Table portion of the meeting, Councilwoman Pagano reported that the Macedon Fire Hall will be holding a pancake breakfast on Sunday, February 16th from 7:00 AM- Noon.

Supervisor Hammond explained that the town’s internet speed has been running very slowly, and a made a recommendation to upgrade its service to a faster speed. The board was in agreement with his proposal. Mr. Hammond also noted that an informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 25th at 7:00 PM, in the Macedon Town Hall, to explain the New York State tax agricultural laws. This meeting is open to the public.

Highway Superintendent, Dick Roets, reported that due to the excessive snowfall totals across the state, the state’s road salt stockpile has dwindled, and the town will be switching to a mix of sand and salt in order to stretch the remaining amount of road salt in the town’s possession.

Town Attorney, Mr. David Fulvio reported that the town is awaiting a decision regarding the health lawsuit.

Building Inspector, Mr. Scott Allen, thanked Mr. Roets and the Town of Macedon’s Highway Department for assisting the Village of Macedon on Sunday, February 9th when a water main broke on Main Street and the basement of two businesses needed standing water pumped out.

The board then approved the following business items and resolutions:

– Authorization for the Town Clerk to advertise for sealed bids on a mowing contract for Bullis Park and the Canal Greenway on a per trip basis

– Approval to refer Mr. Jeremy DeWitt for an expansion of a non-conforming use to the Planning Board for comment, and  schedule a Public Hearing on March 13th at 7:45 for public comment on the Jeremy DeWitt expansion of a non-conforming use

– Approval of the appointment of Mr. Brian Frey as a Zoning Board of Appeals, effective February 13, 2014 at an annual salary of $543.00

– Authorization for Highway Superintendent, Mr. Dick Roets to sign an agreement with Davis Ulmer Sprinkler Co. in an amount not to exceed $5,500.00 for a second unit security system at the Mobile Building

– Authorization for the Deputy Supervisor to sign the Federal Agricultural Conversation Easement Extensions

– Authorization for the Supervisor to sign a contract with Time Warner Cable to upgrade the town’s internet speed to a faster speed of 15Mb

– Approval for the town to purchase a half acre parcel located at 1811 Wayneport Road from the Fairport Yacht Club in the amount of $1.00

– Authorization from the town board for Highway Superintendent, Mr. Dick Roets, to purchase a 4 X 4 550 Ford truck and necessary equipment off state contract in an amount not to exceed $51,542.00

No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 8:03 PM for the board to then meet in Executive Session regarding a personnel issue. The next Macedon Town Board meeting will be held on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 7:30 PM in the Macedon Town Hall.      By Becky Block


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