Butler Town Board – Oct 14, 2013

A regular meeting of the Butler Town Board was held on October 14, 2013 at the Butler Town Hall.  Supervisor Spickerman, Sr. called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

The board members present were: David Spickerman, Sr., town supervisor, Duane VanGelder, Philip Wagner, Eugene VanDeusen and Bert Everhart, councilmen.  Robin Jeremenko, town clerk, was taking the minutes.  Others present were:  Ed Reitz, Dan Smith, Dorothy Wiggins, Trent Fralick, Megan Fralick, Don Camp, Gary Baker, Steve Behm, Rick Robinson, Vicki Columbus, Barbara Briscese, Todd Janes, Queeno VanAuken, Mel High, Scott Stone, Tim Nau, Gail Nau, Nancy Kasper and Roland Micklem.

Mayor Gary Baker and Trustee Dan Smith from the Village of Wolcott talked to the town board about the water testing in the gravel bed. Mayor Baker said the water was tested and the next step is the flow testing which could cost approximately twenty thousand dollars.  Mayor Baker would like to know what the town board would want for the water. The town board and the mayor talked about the site being fenced, having a small building near the well and the location of the well.  Mayor Baker asked the town board to discuss it and contact him when they make a decision about the cost of the water.  Councilman Wagner asked Mayor Baker about the village not being receptive about McDonald’s expanding and needing more water pressure.  Supervisor Spickerman said that decision is made by the Water Authority not the Village of Wolcott.  Supervisor Spickerman asked Mayor Baker the time frame he would need permission to go further with the well.  Mayor Baker replied as soon as possible.

Roland Micklem inquired if there is any decision has been made by the town board to implement a fracking ban in the town of Butler. Supervisor Spickerman said no. Nancy Kasper addressed the town board about fracking. She stated she has more information that shows fracking is detrimental to environment and peoples’ health. The EPA abandoned an investigation into water contamination in Wyoming and in other states.  It took a legal suit to gain access to this information. Ms. Kasper said Colorado is on of the biggest fracking states in the United States and the flooding has made problems with the wells.  She offered to be a resource for the town board about fracking. Ms. Kasper asked the town board to put a ban on fracking in the town of Butler. Huron and Savannah have passed a moratorium on fracking and she will be asking them to ban fracking. Ms. Kasper said there is nothing to fix contaminated water. She asked the town board for a public hearing on fracking.  Supervisor Spickerman said they are waiting. Tim Nau said it is a quality of life issue. How are you compensated if fracking comes to your community. Barbara Briscese asked the town board for restraint in allowing fracking in the town. She also said just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.

A copy of the minutes from September 9, 2013 were given to each board member to review.  They were reviewed. All were in favor. A copy of the budget workshop minutes were given to each board member to review.  All were in favor.

The following departments submitted or read their monthly reports aloud: The supervisor, town clerk, justices, highway superintendent, animal control officer, code enforcement officer and historian.

The following correspondence was received and filed:

A copy of the letter Supervisor Spickerman sent to Peter Auyer.

ISO sent a letter regarding the classification of properties located near a fire station and a hydrant.

Wayne County Planning Board sent a letter listing the board members and code enforcement officer who attended training on September 18th.

In Old Business, Councilman VanDeusen said Barbara Johnston has sent an email of comments on the comprehensive plan to the code enforcement officer for review.

The town board talked about purchasing a new truck for the highway department.  Supervisor Spickerman said he feels we should wait another year. Councilman VanGelder said he has concerns about the price increasing if we wait until the following year.  Councilman VanDeusen said we shouldn’t spend it if we don’t have it.  The town board discussed the fund accounts.

In New Business, Supervisor Spickerman asked the town board to adopt the tentative budget. Carried.

Supervisor Spickerman said he set the date for the budget hearing on November 4, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

In Other Business, Dorothy Wiggins, town historian, reminded the town board about the historical society anniversary dinner this weekend and the Barns of Butler Calendar is on sale now for $12.00.

Supervisor Spickerman asked the town board for a motion for the North Rose-Wolcott Board of Education to be lead agency All were in favor.  Carried. The meeting was adjourn  at 8:05


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