Butler Town Board Mon., Jan. 10 , 2014

 A regular meeting of the Butler Town Board was held on February 10, 2014 at the Butler Town Hall.

A copy of the minutes from January 13, 2014 were given to each board member to review.  Councilman VanGelder moved to accept the minutes as given, seconded by Councilman VanDeusen.  All were in favor.  Carried.

The following departments submitted or read their monthly report aloud to the town board:  The supervisor, town clerk, justices and animal control officer.  Councilman Everhart moved to accept the monthly reports as given, seconded by Councilman VanDeusen.  All were in favor.  Carried.

In Correspondence, the New York State Department of Transportation sent a letter in regard to the high speed rail empire corridor program and an email was received from the Wayne County Planning Board with a list of their training dates and topics.  Councilman VanGelder moved to receive and file the correspondence, seconded Councilman Wagner.  All were in favor.  Carried.

In Old Business, Supervisor Spickerman said that hopefully there will be more information for the comprehensive plan for the March meeting.

In New Business, Supervisor Spickerman mentioned to the town board there is an opening on the Board of Assessment Review.  The position will need to be filled before June.  Councilman Everhart asked if the vacancy should be advertised.  Supervisor Spickerman said it is up to the town board.

Supervisor Spickerman said the town clerk and supervisor’s books will be reviewed at the March board meeting.


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