Arcadia Town Board Tues., July 8, 2014

Supervisor Colacino has received a letter from Senator Nozzolio, stating that he was successful in securing a $50,000 New York State grant from the State & Municipal Facilities Capital Program for an emergency generator to be used by the Town of Arcadia Highway Department.

The board authorized Highway Supt. Pullen to purchase a new 2015 Caterpillar M318F Wheel Excavator by “piggybacking” off the Town of Victor Bid at a cost of  $127,891.00.  (Purchase price $212,591.00 minus trade in $84,700)

The board declared  the 2009 Cat Excavator as surplus equipment.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: 7:50 PM  Moved by Councilman DeSanto, seconded by Councilman VanLaeken to close the regular scheduled meeting and go into executive session to discuss  sale of real property. 8:10 PM   reopened the regular schedule meeting.

PUBLIC HEARING: 8:15 PM Alex Quku – Special Authorization

Mr. Quku’s Attorney, Arthur Williams, stated Mr. Quku has oiled the driveway for dust control and has ordered trees that will be placed around the south and west borders of Mr. Brown’s property. Mr. Quku is willing to comply with the Wayne County Planning Board recommendations except for the stipulation on hours of operation, due to the nature of his business, hours cannot be limited due to weather conditions. Mr. Quku stated that he has talked with Mr. & Mrs. Brown as to which trees they would like along the property line. The tall white pine trees, 10-12’ tall will be planted this fall and the new seedling, 3-4’ blue spruces will be planted when the order arrives. Councilman DeSanto applauded Mr. Quku and Mr. & Mrs. Brown for working together to resolve their issues.       Mr. & Mrs. Brown stated they were not there to shut down Mr. Quku’s business. Mrs. Brown  stated they also agree that limiting Mr. Quku’s hours of operation would be difficult due to the nature of the business. The board tabled the request for a Special Use Permit by Alex Quku until the August 11, 2014 meeting.  Mr. Quku has been referred back to the Arcadia Planning Board on July 21,2014 at 7:00 PM  for clarification on hours of operation and a  detailed mapping of the landscaping proposal.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: 1303 North Main Street –  A Pre Construction meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 14 at 2:00 PM in the Supervisor’s office of the Municipal Building.

Mr. Lada- Mr. Johnson – Real Property Proposal- The Town Board will be contacting Mr. Applin regarding the proposal to sell part of the landfill property.

The August Regular Town Board Meeting scheduled at 7:00 PM August 12, 2014 to MONDAY, August 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM.

Transfer of Funds-Authorization for Closure of the Canal Trail (HZ) fund and transfer the amount of $15,716.15 monies into the Highway Account. (Permanent Improvement Fund). The board also to authorized thetransfer of $6307.00 from HA—Landfill Reserves to General Fund (A8160.4L) for the Landfill Maintenance for February and March 2014 billing. The board authorized the Closure of the (CD) Canal Corridor Fund and transfer $5089.10 to the General Fund.

Town of Arcadia Website: Councilman VanLaeken and Councilman Westcott attended a Digital Towpath Website seminar.  Digital Towpath website was developed by a community of local officials who have worked to create solutions to make managing and maintaining a website easy. It was developed just for Towns and Villages. The yearly fee is $625.00. Town of Arcadia Highway Safety Incentives Fund, will be funded by the extra monies brought in from scrap metal. The Board authorized the Town Clerk to order five new computers for the Town offices at a cost of $426 per computer.  The baord moved to adopt the Wayne County Multi Jurisdictional All Hazard Mitigation Plan. The board approved  Jeff Pieters, as a new member for the Marbletown Vol. Fire Dept.

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