Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Bank VP/Palmyra man calls Trooper asshole, refuses to have mug shot taken

Bank VP/Palmyra man calls Trooper an asshole, refuses to have mug shot taken to be in the Times!

This driver was not happy that the State Trooper out of Lyons was arresting him for Driving While intoxicated. He was also upset that his mug shot would be in that “rag” (The Wayne County Times) and that the Trooper and the paper would ruin his family.

It all began when State Police received a report of a driver swerving on Route 31 in Palmyra at 10:07 p.m. on Thursday (12/29). The trooper found the vehicle, swerving over the center line and onto the shoulder of the road. The vehicle finally stopped after traveling a distance down the shoulder of Route 31.

Subsequently, Joseph Talbot, age 43, of West Avenue in Newark failed roadside sobriety tests and was arrested for DWI. He refused a roadside pre-screen breath test and station breath test to determine his blood alcohol level.

Once at the State Police barracks, Talbot told the Trooper he was an “asshole” and was ruining his family. He refused to have his fingerprints and mug shot taken and his rant was that he might be included in the Times with his arrest and mug shot.

The troopers explained that, by refusing to have his prints and mug shot taken, he would only make it a bigger story in the paper. Following Talbot’s refusal to be processed, he was additionally charged with misdemeanor Obstruction of Governmental Administration in the 2nd Degree, along with the DWI and traffic violations.

Talbot was arraigned and remanded to jail on $750 cash/$1500 bond to reappear in Palmyra Town Court on February 1st. He was also issued an appearance ticket for Lyons Town Court on the Obstruction charge.


Update: Several newsstands called on Saturday morning saying a man had come in and and purchased all of the newspapers. Many confirmed it was Mr. Talbot.

All told, almost 900 newspapers were snatched up in the Newark area.

Newsstands have been restocked.

Now the story has been picked up by several national news outlets.

  • lilac farrow

    A banker who doesn’t comply with the rules???It might ruin my portfolio…

  • Fip1

    Excuse me Its not the Troopers fault you were driving while Intoxicated, Be thankful you didn’t Kill someone. Maybe Your Family should kick your A–.

  • MrDevourtoSurvive .

    The Scout Law. A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

    feeling or showing deep and solemn respect.

  • Hollywooddeed

    Congratulations. You made national news. I read about you in Seattle.

    • Ingrid99

      Long Beach

    • John m

      Everyone in Miami knows about Joseph Talbot, the alleged drunk driver from Palmyra, NY

    • bakatya


    • RSpringbok

      <— California checks in.

    • Pixie


    • Weaver

      Great Britain!

      So yeah, the guy now made international news 🙂

    • MizzusLewis

      New Orleans 🙂

  • steve849

    I read about this in The Washington Post, which included your photo. Mr. Talbot, look up “Streisand effect” on Wikipedia. And if you ever have another mug shot taken, smile; it looks less like a mug shot.

  • what a tool

  • Mayor_Vaughan2012

    As a fan of the financially struggling ink and paper newspaper industry, I say, well done Mr. Talbot!!! Here’s hoping more entitled wealthy banker types who are used to living by different rules, get busted, act like a complete douchebag, and drive all over town in a laughable effort to hide the fact that they weren’t bright enough to know that you don’t drive drunk. I’m sure the Wayne County Times appreciates the infusion of money! Just be glad that cop didn’t tune you up after you popped off.

  • El Diablo Blanco

    I would have never heard about Joseph Talbot up here in Boonville, NY had this story not made the national press. The folks at First Niagara must be very proud of you and your recent accomplishments. Is your drunk driving indicative of other officers at First Niagara or just the ones at Key Insurance & Benefits Services?

  • Sarah Katherine

    43? He looks 58!

  • Frans

    He even made it in Belgium newspaper

  • infidel

    Colorado, and I’m sending it to my friends in South Africa who have friends in the UK…

  • Kathy W

    Another wealthy white guy thinking he’s above the law.


    Wow. All hail, the KING of the narcissistic douchebags! and 43 ??? wow. He’s a rough-looking 43. Hope karma kicks him in the pants hard over the next few years, until he learns some valuable life lessons about acting like a decent human being.

  • Brain Residue

    Wow, you’re really celebrating this as a great PR win… your company must be on life support. With stories like this, I can see why he called it a rag. And that update is just pathetic.

    • Rick Sniders

      You must be a fellow banker, or bar patron.

      • Brain Residue

        And I guarantee you’re not a paying subscriber of this shit newspaper.

        • Rick Sniders

          Au contraire. Cheap entertainment.

          • Brain Residue

            I love you.

          • Rick Sniders

            Me too.

    • ☢ Nevada Smith ☢

      This has nothing to do with the newspaper … it’s all about an idiot being arrested and acting like a douchbag. How about he acts like an adult. His actions and his alone made his DWI arrest a WORLD WIDE story!

  • Annah Marie Taylor

    this guy is 43?!?!?

  • OneHits

    Streisand Effect? sort of

  • Paul Bolomey

    Intercontinental news, I’m from Switzerland in Europe ! You are now famous worldwide, you wanted it 😉

  • WrestlingHub

    International news make that! Canada here.

  • Curtis Bloes

    Reading about it from Sac City, Iowa! lol

  • BobPA

    The entire Washington, D.C. area can’t stop talking about Joseph Talbot of Palmyra, New York now. His arrest and mugshot led off the 5 o’clock news.

  • Pixie

    You made it to Reddit too! LOL~

  • energylife

    Congratulations Barbra Streisand!

  • Yard_Boy

    Front page, Arkansas Democrat Gazette